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  • 1. Contact details of official logistics partner. Whom to address questions regarding delivery?

    Hansa-Messe-Speed GmbH (HMS) has been appointed by the organizer as the official and exclusive logistics partner of the exhibition. For all questions related to the preparation of transport documents, delivery of exhibition goods (exhibits, promotional material, stand building materials), customs clearance and handling of goods on the fairgrounds, please contact Hansa-Messe-Speed GmbH (HMS):

    Hansa-Messe-Speed GmbH                                   
    Bornberg 94
    42109 Wuppertal
    Tel. +49 202 27158 0
    Fax +49 202 27158 56

    Jorg Kessenbrock
    General Director
    Phone: +49 202 27158 11

    Elena Paule
    Business Development Manager Russia and CIS
    Phone: +49 202 27158 21
    Cell phone: +49 170 3366016

    Zbigniew Pluta
    Area Manager Russia and CIS
    Phone: +49 202 27158 16
    Cell phone: +49 171 3281297

    Eduard Altergott
    Department Manager
    Phone: +49 202 27158 21
    Cell phone: +49 170 4404402

    HMS EXPO LLC (Russia)
    Mezhdunarodnaya str. 16, Krasnogorsk, 143401, Krasnogorsk area, Moscow region (Crocus Expo, Pavilion 1, office 109)
    Phone: +7 (499) 322-3361

    Anna Akimova
    General Director
    Phone: +7 (916) 530-4875

    Anton Vazimov
    Commercial Director
    Phone: +7 (968) 098-8030

    Hansa-Messe-Speed (HMS) is the official logistics partner of the Crocus Expo IEC and has the exclusive right of goods handling at the fairground. You can use the services of another transport company to deliver goods to the exhibition. But in this case please ensure that your transport partner will get in touch with HMS to receive the necessary instructions. If you are not using your own means of transport, we strongly recommend you to use the service of our partner HMS.

    Please do not send any cargo to the exhibition without approval by the specialists of HMS.

    SALES IN ITALY Via Portuense 1555, Rome – Italy

    Daniele Bergonzoni
    Phone: +39 051 864466
    Cell phone (Russia): +7 903 716 3810
    Cell phone (Italy): +39 335 6158176

    Mirella Giardina
    Phone: +39 051 864466
    Phone: +39 06 40041563

    EXPOTRANS LLC (Russia)
    15, Antonova-Ovseenko str., bldg. 4, office 102, 123317 Moscow, Russia
    Phone: +7 (495) 988-0967

    Kuehne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG
    KN Expo & Event Logistics
    Messeplatz 1, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

    Volker Baumann
    Manager Business Development
    Phone: +49 40 30333 2822
    Cell phone.: +49 151 5877 3386

    Miguel Klatt
    Department Manager
    Phone: +49 40 30333 2830
    Cell phone.: +49 172 1629 989

    Kuehne + Nagel LLC (representative office at Crocus Expo)

    Maxim Kzylkhodzhaev
    Fairs and Exhibitions Manager
    Phone: +7 (495) 795-2000
    Cell phone.: +7 (963) 970-8718

    ADEFA GmbH
    Mezhdunarodnaya str. 16, Krasnogorsk 143401, Krasnogorsk area, Moscow region (Crocus Expo, Pavilion 1, office 210)
    Phone: +7 (495) 223-4028
    Fax: +7 (495) 223-4029

    Vladimir Bormatov
    General Manager
    Phone: +7 (985) 763-9362

    Anton Popov
    Head of Logistics Department
    Phone: +7 (903) 228-9476


  • 2. Which type of services does the official logistics partner provides?

    Hansa-Messe-Speed (HMS) as the official logistics provider of our exhibition provides full range of logistics services “door-to-door” including:

    1. Preparation of the documents for transportation and customs clearance (for international cargo)
    2. Preparation and obtaining all necessary permission documents for importing of the goods to Russian Federation based on the regulations stated on Russian customs law
    3. Pick up the cargo from the shipper’s premises
    4. Export customs clearance in the shipper’s country
    5. Transport of the cargo to the fairground
    6. Organization of customs clearance
    7. On-site handling ( unloading and delivery to the booth, delivery from the airport etc). We strongly recommend that representative of the customs is available on the booth when HMS delivers the goods.
    8. Providing of additional equipment for build up and break down works: forklifts, cranes, workers
    9. Empties handling and goods storage: Pick up of the empty packaging from the booth, storage during the exhibition, return of the empty packaging after the exhibition
    10. Pick up of the cargo from the booth and loading to the truck
    11. Re-export customs clearance
    12. Return delivery after the exhibition ( truck, air or multy modal )
    13. Re-import customs clearance
    14. Return delivery to the customer’s warehouse
    15. Organization of the delivery to further shows if it is needed
  • 3. How to get cost for delivery?

    To calculate cost for delivery of the goods to the fairground please provide full information to Hansa-Messe- Speed (HMS) managers:

    • Pick up and return delivery address
    • Detailed description of the positions. It can be exhibits, stand fitting material – for temporary importation or advertisements material for final importation for give away on the booth 
    • Value per position
    • Net / gross weight per position
    • Quantity of freight pieces
    • Weight of each freight piece
    • Dimensions of freight pieces (Length X Width X Height)
    • Special terms of transportation if needed
    • Information about necessity of additional equipment  and workers on the booth.

    Based on this information managers of Hansa-Messe-Speed (HMS) will calculate and offer you the optimal way of delivery and provide preliminary calculation of delivery costs.

  • 4. Deadlines

    Please contact Hansa-Messe-Speed (HMS) directly after your registration at the show as a participant, but not later than 14 days prior to dispatch of exhibition goods!

    Mode of transport and delivery terms will be offered you by HMS managers individually depending on cargo type and measurements.

    Please keep in mind following transit times:

    • Sea freight 20-60 days (depending on your country)
    • Road freight from EU – 7-14 days (depending on your country)
    • Airfreight – 5-8 days (depending on your country

    Deadline for documentation: 14 days prior to departure

    All documents should be checked and approved by HMS managers before shipping.

    Managers of HMS will contact you by e-mail or phone within 48 hours after your request during working days. Please keep in mind time differences.

  • 5. Express courier services (UPS, Fedex, DHL Express...)

    Please do not use courier / express services for the delivery of your goods to the exhibition!

    Generally Express courier services are not able to make temporary import for the exhibition.

    Hansa-Messe-Speed (HMS) can’t be held responsible for any delays or additional costs cause by sending the goods by Express courier services.

  • 6. Which documents need to be prepared?

    PROFORMA INVOICES Please use pro forma invoice templates provided by Hansa-Messe-Speed (HMS). HMS can provide these to you as Excel files. Invoice must be filled in full and contain reliable data. In case of serial or ID numbers of goods, please state it in the invoice.

    HMS checks the received draft of invoice (HS codes, description of items, translation, value etc), sends it back to the Customer as a final invoice, which must follow with the goods to Russia. For some positions, Russian customs will request technical description of goods.

    Goods and their dimensions and labels stated in the invoice must 100% match the factual shipment.

    You must state in the invoice ALL items that you plan to put into your shipment.

    In case of unreliable data in invoice (wrong description, weights, amount etc) and in case of nonmatching between invoice and factual shipment, HMS cannot be held responsible for delays in transit and customs, non-delivery due to these delays, additional charges etc. Both HMS and Customer bear responsibility for any such violation in front of RU government authorities.

    Invoice for temporary import is a separate document from the invoice for final import.

    Temporary import: Exhibits and stand construction material / tools for re-export

    Definitive import: Printed matter (catalogues, brochures), other advertising material (for free distribution) and consumables (e.g. adhesive tape, screws, disposable dishes, etc.)

    However, the final decision as to whether goods are intended to be/can be processed for temporary or definitive import lies with the Russian customs authorities!


    Please send us master-file for ATA as soon as possible, at least one week before application to the Chamber of Commerce.

    ATA must be filled in full and contain reliable data. In case of serial or ID numbers of goods, please state it.

    HMS checks the received draft (HS codes, description of items, translation, value etc), sends it back to the Customer as a final version, which must follow with the goods to Russia in the format of official Carnet ATA issued by the Chamber of Commerce.

    Goods and their dimensions and labels stated in the Carnet ATA must 100% match the factual shipment.

    You must state ALL items that you plan to put into your shpment.

    In case of unreliable data (wrong description, weights, amount etc) and in case of nonmatching between Carnet ATA and factual shipment, HMS cannot be held responsible for delays in transit and customs, non-delivery due to these delays, additional charges etc. Both HMS and Customer bear responsibility for any such violation in front of RU government authorities.

    Carnet ATA is used for temporary import and export only!

  • 7. Which mode of transport to use for delivery to the fairground?

    Managers of Hansa-Messe-Speed (HMS) have years of experience in delivery of the goods to Russia and CIS  and will to offer you best way of delivery in term of price and speed.

  • 8. How to pack exhibition cargo?

    Package should be designed to be able to endure multiple and intensive handling and transit. Re-closable and solid crates are recommended. In case of defective or inappropriate package HMS cannot be held responsible for complete or partial damages of goods.

    On heavy packages and packages with excess dimensions, the suspension point and centre of gravity must be labelled. Other information regarding special handling must also not be omitted (e.g. information regarding fragility, sensitivity to moisture, etc.)

    If your cargo is packed in boxes with locks, take care of handing over the keys or codes to employees of HMS. It is necessary for the customs inspection.

    All packages should be labelled as follows on at least 2 sides:

    HALL #, BOOTH #
    COLLI # (1/9, 2/9 ETC)

  • 9. Customs. Important points

    Please note that the rules for customs clearance of exhibition goods in Russian Federation are very strict. Your goods must comply fully with the accompanying transport documents! Otherwise it can lead to a delay of delivery, penalties or the customs clearance would even be impossible. In this case, Hansa-Messe-Speed (HMS) cannot be held liable and the additional costs will be billed to the exhibitor. We strongly recommend you to follow the instructions of experienced managers of HMS!

    Trucks are repeatedly weighed at the borders en route. Differences between the determined weight and the weight specified in the cargo documents can lead to delays and additional costs, right up to confiscation. Definitely refrain from sending goods which are not declared in the shipping documents - smuggling is prosecuted in every country as a serious crime.

    If undeclared goods should be found during the customs inspection of your shipment, these will be confiscated by the customs authorities. Considerable penalties, imposed by the Russian customs authorities, are the consequence of this and can even lead to your shipment not being able to be sent to the stand. If undeclared goods should be found during the customs inspection at the border, the truck will at least temporarily be held by the customs authorities and timely arrival at the trade fair site will probably no longer be possible. Not only your own shipment, but also the shipments of other exhibitors can also suffer from this. HMS rejects any responsibility and liability for resulting delays, non-deliveries or additional costs.  All resulting additional costs shall be borne by the responsible exhibitor.

    Please do not send any food, (alcoholic) beverages or tobacco, for own use. It is possible to purchase good-quality local products or western import products in the shops without any problem. We recommend that you fulfil your requirements locally.

  • 10. Empties handling and cargo storage at the fairground

    Storage of exhibits or standfitting materials appears when the Customer wants to store them for any reason in the storage area and not put it in the booth. In this case the Customer is charged collection from the booth to the storage area and back, and storage rates as agreed.

    Storage of empties: before putting to the storage area all packages, crates etc, must be labeled by Hansa-Messe-Speed (HMS) labels (provided to the Customer on site) for safety reasons. Return of empties is done after the official closure of the exhibition and during the working hours of the fairground. Non-labeled empties may be considered as garbage and be destroyed.

    If you need additional manpower or technical equipment for unpacking or installation, please contact HMS in advance.

  • 11. Return delivery

    Our delegates / representatives will establish contact with each exhibitor during the trade fair, in order to obtain forwarding/return instructions and provide information about the necessary formalities.

    Goods that are declared for use (catalogues, promotional gifts, consumables) must absolutely not be packed again. All of these goods must remain in Russia. Re-export is not possible.

    When the goods are ready to be packed for return transportation, the Customer will be provided with the Hansa-Messe-Speed labels to be put on each freight piece. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that all items are packed in the same packages for return as for receipt too. Hansa-Messe-Speed can assist.

    If any items are left unpacked by the Customer, Hansa-Messe-Speed will complete the packaging at the Customer’s expenses and cannot be held responsible for any partial or complete damage while transportation or loading/unloading.

    It is strongly recommended for the Customer to be present while backloading into the truck (physically done by Hansa-Messe-Speed) and supervise if needed.

  • 12. Cargo insurance

    Hansa-Messe-Speed GmbH operate exclusively on the bases of the German Freight Forwarders’ Standard Terms and Conditions (ADSp) – in its respective latest version. HMS can provide the current version of the ADSp upon request. The previous and following conditions of this shipping information shall apply supplementally.

    Liability of HMS  shall end with the placement of the exhibition goods on the trade fair stand (or as close as possible) and shall only begin with the acceptance of the trade fair stand, regardless of whether the exhibitor is present at the stand. Possibly requested stand surveillance can usually be ordered by the exhibitor from the organiser.

    HMS urgently recommend concluding an exhibition insurance policy, which covers possible loss and damage risks for the inward shipping, the stay at the trade fair site and the return shipment. HMS do not automatically cover these, but rather, HMS require your written instruction for this. HMS  would be pleased to provide you with information about the current valid premiums of thier insurer.

    Possible damage, etc. shall be immediately notified to HMS office/responsible HMS  branch, in order to handle the necessary formalities, e.g. obtaining the statement of loss, etc.

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