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Aquatherm Moscow 2019 Business Programme

  • 12.02.2019 The ABOK Conference "Low-rise and cottage construction. High-Tech Engineering Systems"


    "Low-rise and cottage construction. High-Tech Engineering Systems"

    February 12, 2019, Conference hall 1

    Hall 15, Pavilion 3, Crocus Expo



    Non-commercial partnership "Engineers for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, heat supply and building thermal physics" (NP "ABOK")

    Media Partner:

    "Plumbing. Water supply and engineering systems" Magazine

    Conference moderators:

    • M.M. Brodach, Vice-President, ABOK; Professor of the Department of Moscow Architectural Institute
    • A.N. Kolubkov, Vice-President, ABOK; Director, PPF AK
    • S.G. Nikitin, Member of the Presidium, AVOK; Chief Specialist of the architectural supervision services, PPF AK




    Opening report “On measures of state support for low-rise construction in Russia”
    V. S. Kazeykin, Chairman of the Section of the Expert Council of the Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on Housing Policy and Housing and Public Utilities



    Regulatory documents and AVOK software - to help the designer
    Shonina N.A., AVOK Engineer, Lecturer of Moscow Architectural Institute, Publisher of the magazine “Plumbing”


    Waste incinerators and heat stations - the possibility of organising heat supply in the absence of gas
    E. V. Gun, General Director of LLC SISTERM RUS


    Gas thermoblock TGU-NORD. Examples of successful operation at existing low-rise and cottage construction sites
    A.V. Meleshko, Commercial Director, Aviton LLC, AVOK member


    Oventrop Energy Efficient Solutions for private house building 
    D. L. Shevchenko, Deputy Head of Oventrop Representative Office in Russia, AVOK member of the Premium category




    The use of autonomous TermaRON generators in projects of integrated low-rise construction for heat supply and heating systems in conditions of energy shortage and the absence of a gas pipeline
    The speaker is being specified



    Energy efficient solutions and technologies Uponor
    Y. O. Topolev, Head of the Academy of Uponor Rus, ABOK member of the Premium category


    Local treatment facilities - alternative to central sewerage
    K.A. Pribyl, Managing Partner, Alta Group


    Efficient water supply and drainage systems in low-rise construction
    N.A. Shonina, AVOK Engineer, Lecturer at Moscow Architectural Institute, Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Plumbing”


    Renga MEP is a Russian tool for information modeling of water supply and drainage systems
    M.A. Shibanov, Head of Marketing Department, Renga Software



    Internet-control of temperature and humidity based on NVP BOLID controllers
    V.A. Maksimenko, Expert in training and informational support, NVP “Bolid”


    Integrated fire safety systems for low-rise buildings 
    A. V. Bakulina, Head of the Marketing Department, Production Organisation “Spetsavtomatika” (Biysk)


    Prospects and new requirements for engineering equipment of low-rise houses and cottages during digitalization and the Internet of things
    Martin Bismarck, Director of a subsidiary company, Sauter Building Control International GmbH


    The system of forced air and exhaust ventilation profi-air for creation of a comfortable indoor climate
    I.V. Mokrushin, Engineer, FRANKISHE RUS


    Construction control during installation of water supply and sewerage systems, heating, ventilation
    A.N. Kolubkov, Vice-President, ABOK; Director, PPF AK
    S.G. Nikitin, Chief Specialist of the architectural supervision services, PPF AK


  • 12.02.2019 Conference "Boiler houses on the basis of low and medium capacity heat generators: reliability, energy efficiency, modernization and cost optimization"


    “Boiler Houses on the Basis of Low and Medium Capacity Heat Generators: Energy Efficiency, Modernisation and Cost Optimisation”

    February 12, 2019, Conference hall 2

    Hall 14, pavilion 3, Crocus Expo

    Media Partner  "C.O.K." Magazine 

     14.00 18.00

     Start of registration: 13:30

    Target audience

    The conference is addressed to technical specialists in the field of heating, designers, as well as managers - representatives of organisations interested in constructing technically and economically optimal, reliable heating systems in their construction sites.

    Speakers and delegates:

    Industry experts - representatives of equipment manufacturing companies, design, installation and operating organizations, as well as representatives of regulatory bodies, educational institutions, professional associations, and other specialists in the field of heat supply.





    Introductory speech

    Alexander Gudko, Editor-in-chief of S.O.K. magazine, Conference Moderator

    14:20 – 14:30

    Improving the system of technical regulation and standardization in the field of heat supply, ensuring the functioning of the system for assessing the conformity of products with the requirements established in the standards

    Rashid Artikov, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Manufacturers of Quality Products for Heat Supply (AQHS), Deputy Chairman of the Technical Committee No. 393 of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, ROSSTANDARD

    14:40 – 14:50

    Autonomous sources of heat supply based on cascade systems using NAVIEN heat generators of low and medium power. Trends in the development of the regulatory framework. Associated equipment that increases the reliability and energy efficiency of heating systems

    Alexey Mironov, Specialist in work with project organisations, Navien Rus

    15:00 – 15:10

    Example of an integrated solution for an autonomous heat supply source based on a cascade system

    Sergey Goritsky, Consultant, HeatMonitor

    15:20 – 15:30

    New Thermex gas boilers: features, benefits, energy-efficient bundle with Thermex Combi INOX

    Evgeny Petralay, Head of Direction “Gas Equipment – Eastern Europe Region”, Thermex Corporation

    15:40 – 15:50

    Reducing the weight and size of heat generating equipment while maintaining comparable powers and high efficiency of the boiler house. Ease of use of boiler blocks of small displacement. An example of a boiler house project based on a cascade of floor-mounted condensing boilers Vaillant ecoCRAFT

    Victor Lukinsky, General Director, ThermoStream (Vaillant Engineering Center)

    16:00 – 16:10

    ATP-TermaRON: economical heating and hot water supply by molecular boilers for private and apartment buildings

    Valery Kazeykin, Chairman of the Energy Saving Section of the Expert Council of the Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on Housing Policy and Housing, Member of the Expert Council of the Government of the Russian Federation

    16:20 – 16:30

    Gas thermoblock TGU-NORD: an alternative to centralized and apartment-based heating

    Sergey Orlov, Head of Gas Equipment Sales, Aviton and Severnaya Kompaniya

    16:40 – 16:50

    HORTEK: 2 MW per TWO square meters. And this is not the main thing!

    Igor Goloborodko, General Director, Good Fuel-Energy Company

    17:00 – 17:10

    Measuring energy efficiency

    Igor Kuznik, Ph.D., Economy

    17:20 – 17:30

    Creation of a thermal electric generator on solid-fuel

    Alexander Kuskov, Senior Researcher, VIM Federal Agro-Engineering Center

    17:40 – 18:00

    Summing up the conference

    Contact information:

    Alexander Gudko: +7 (499) 967-77-00 (office number) #601; +7 (910) 473-01-13 (mobile,WhatsApp,Telegram)
    Olga Yufereva: +7 (499) 967-77-00 (office number) #611; +7 (925) 365-54-12 (mobile);


  • 13-14.02.2019 Events of the Association of Manufacturers of Heating Radiators "APROEA"

    Panel session

    “Happy New State Standard!”

    February 12, 2019, Conference hall 2

    Hall 14, Pavilion 3, Crocus Expo


    Questions for discussions:

    • How will the requirements for manufacturing and testing of radiators and convectors change in 2019? Presentation of GOST 31311-2018 “Heating appliances. General technical conditions "and GOST R 53583-2018 “Heating appliances. Test methods”;

    • Prospects of the harmonization of Russian and European standards for technical requirements for heating appliances and methods for their testing;

    • Results of interlaboratory comparative tests: aluminum radiators, steel panel radiators, underfloor convectors.

    Panel session

    “Russian Market of Heating Radiators and Convectors in 2019”

    February 13, 2019, Conference hall 2

    Hall 14, Pavilion 3, Crocus Expo


    Questions for discussions:

    • Overview of the Russian market of heating systems: the results of 2018 and the forecast for 2019;

    • Development of manufacturing of heating appliances in Russia;

    • Prospects of the supply of Russian heating appliances for export.

    Panel session

    “Climate Control Equipment Installers’ Verification”

    February 14, 2019, Conference hall 2

    Hall 14, Pavilion 3, Crocus Expo


    Questions for discussion:

    • Issues and myths connected with the installation of various types of heating appliances;

    • How can you improve the quality of work on the installation of heating appliances at the sites?

    • Presentation of the project Thermoconvent. Online - platform for distance learning for players of the climate market. 

    Panel session

    “Obligatory certification. Problems and Prospects of the Heating Appliances’ Compliance Assessment”

    February 15, 2019, Conference hall 2

    Hall 14, Pavilion 3, Crocus Expo


    Questions for discussion:

    • Results of mandatory certification of radiators and convectors in 2018;

    • Verification of heating appliances that have passed the mandatory certification;

    • Update of the standard GOST R 58065-2018 “Conformity assessment. Rules for certification of heating radiators and heating convectors "

    Alexander Kvashnin, APRO
    8 925 060 67 10,



  • 13.02.2019 Conference "Pool Market Today"


    Pool Market Today 

    February 13, 2019, Conference hall 2

    Hall 14, Pavilion 3, Crocus Expo


    Media Partner - ""

    Registration is not provided

    The Conference format: reports and panel discussion on the topic: “Dumping and Internet”


    Opening, Introductory speech 
     Andrey Balog, Editor-in-Chief, “BANBAS”, “POOLS AND BUSINESS”, “AQUAPARKS AND BUSINESS” Magazines and the Internet portal


    20-year experience in coping with dumping and exclusive contracts
    Istvan Kohan, NSPF Certified Instructor. Registration number 04 * 101495


    Is it possible to fight with dumping in the pool market?
    Irina Molodnitskaya, Executive Director, Seko


    Policy of the market and commercial development of ESPA in a highly competitive environment
    Ruben Garcia, Commercial Director for Western Europe and the CIS; Chairman, ESPA RUS EDR – Branch of ESPA GROUP in Russia


    Methods of protection from pricing online-dumping
    Olga Kholodnyak, General Director, KENAZ GROUP


    Struggle with illegal import, protection of rights to trademarks and other means of individualization, methods of combating unfair competition
    Timur Sabitov, Partner, Law firm "Shaimardanov and partners"


    And if there is a crisis ...?
    Yevgeny Timoshenko, General Director, Akvvatiks


    Competitive environment. Distributor, dealer, client
    Andrey Khalturin, Executive Director, EKTIS


    Briefing in a panel session format “Dumping and Internet”

    Conference moderators:
    Andrey Balog, Editor-in-Chief, BANBAS magazine
    Alexander Kuzmin

  • 13.02.2019 AirVent Congress


    International Ventilation Congress AirVent, a specialised event for the ventilation market participants

    February 13, 2019, Conference hall 1
    Hall 15, pavilion 3, Crocus Expo


    Key Topics:

    • Global trends in the HVAC systems' development
    • Ventilation strategy, control and measurement tools
    • Air and habitat quality
    • Smart technologies, digitalisation, IoT
    • Design and energy modeling



    Supported by:


    Media partners:



    The Organising Committee Chair:

    Marianna Brodach, Vice-President, ABOK



    Key topics and speakers

    10:40 – 11:00

    Ventilation: In Search of Excellence

    Yuriy A. Tabunshchikov, Professor, Doctor of science, President, ABOK

    Yuriy A. Tabunshchikov, President of the Russian Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Heat Supply and Constructional Thermal Physics Engineers Association (ABOK), Head of the Engineering Department of Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy), Professor, Member of the Russian State Academy of Architecture and Construction Science, ASHRAE Fellow member, REHVA Fellow member, VDI correspondent member. In 2007, he became a Nobel Prize Winner as a member of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)


    BIM – the building avatar towards information evaluation in real estate

    Frank Hovorka, REHVA President-elect 

    Frank Hovorka started his career in 1990 in construction field. A couple of years later, he joined the French construction group VINCI. He worked on different operational positions on construction sites. Based in Eastern Europe (mainly in the Czech Republic and Hungary) he worked with a team specialised in offices, retail and hotel buildings. In 1997, he joined the French state owned group «Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations» to work as the technical director of the property management subsidiary based in Prague (Czech Republic). He also participated at that time in the creation of the facility management subsidiary company as a financial manager. In 2000, he came back to France in order to work for EMGP as an operational manager. EMGP is a REIT company that owns more than 400 000 m² of commercial asset, and plots to develop of other 1 million m² in the north of Paris. Frank participated in the development of several commercial buildings during these last years focusing on sustainable development (offices, data center, TV studios) and a project of 40 000 m² of green shopping mall. In 2005 he achieved the first office building certified as a «green building» by Certivea (French green building council)

    In January 2007, he joined the international real estate department of Icade (real estate integrated developer) as head of development for commercial buildings, especially in Germany. In Munich, he achieved an office building of 20 000 m² with the gold certification by DGNB (German green building council). Frank is also involved in research projects for net zero energy buildings and financial indicators for the green value (UNEP FI). Since September 2010 to 2016 Frank works for the “Caisse des depots” group in charge of the real estate sustainable development policy, he is now strategy and innovation consultant


    Indoor environment by energy retrofitting of apartment buildings

    Dušan Petráš, PhD. prof. Ing. Department of Building Services, Slovak University of Technology

    Professor Dušan Petráš from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava-Slovakia, is the former vice-rector of STU and dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Also he is the president of Slovakian HVAC-Associasion SSTP (Slovak Society of Environmental Technology) and the past-president REHVA (Representative European Heating, Ventilation Association). Int the present he is the professor at the Department of Building services and dealing with the HVAC-systems in buildings. His scientific work is focused on the energy conservation by performance of the buildings with respect to the providing the helth and comfortable indoor environment

    He is author and cooauthor of 15 books (Energy auditing of Buildings, Renewable Energy Sources for Low-temperature systems, Low-temperature heating and High-temperature cooling…), 50 scientific papers in foreign journals/on international conferences as well as about 100 lectures in 25 countries in 3 world languages. Professor Petráš is also member of ASHRAE, Academy of ISIAQ, REHVA Fellow, he was also the Guest Professor in DTU Lyngby (Denmark) and Guest Lecturer in FH Pinkafeld (Austria)


    Climate in the perception of building users. International Environmental Standards and Climate Solutions

    Ksenia Agapova, Deputy Director of Interregional Center Expert LLC; Accredited BREEAM® Professional and BREEAM In-Use® Auditor; Accredited professional WELL®; LEED AP (BD + C, ID + C, O + M) with teaching experience


    Can high-rise buildings be zero-energy buildings in the annual cycle (Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB)?

    Alessandro Sandelewski, engineer, founder of the engineering company ASC Engineering Srl

    He has thirty years’ experience in the development, construction, supervision and testing of engineering systems, mainly in Italy, the Middle East and Africa. Honorary Member of the International Engineering Association CIBSE, member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), member of the Italian Association of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (AICARR), accredited LEED AP specialist, honorary foreign member NP "ABOK". Took part in the I constituent congress, as well as in the II, III, IV congresses of NP "AVOK"




    Ventilation installations in hygienic design


    President of Eurovent Certita Certification


    Market development, technological trends and European benchmarks in the field of heating

    Andreas Lücke, Hauptgeschäftsführer, BDH


    Major trends in the European market of climatic solutions

     Jan Kriekels, co-owner of the plant and creative director of Jaga


    Ventilation products of German brands in the Russian market: adjustment is vital!


    Dmitry Tsekhotsky, Head of Representative Office in Russia, Blizzard Lufttechnik GmbH

    Tsekhotsky Dmitry Andreevich Is heading the Representative Office of Blizzard Lufttechnik GmbH in Russia since 2003. He participated in the creation of a regulatory and legal framework for the design of industrial and commercial central systems of dust removal. Project manager for engineering systems of central dust removal and ventilation, waste management of buildings for the State Historical Museum, the Bolshoi Theater, Drama Theater named after Tovstonogov, Philharmonic in Zaryadie, sanatorium Rus 5 * in Sochi, multifunctional complex Sokol in Minsk, etc.


    Decentralisation of ventilation and air conditioning systems in multi-residential buildings

    Alexander N. Kolubkov, Vice-President of NPO AVOK, Director of PPF AK, Expert of LLC Mosekspert, Member of TC 465 Construction

    Participated in the creation of new and updated Code of Practice. Head of development of a series of regulatory documents on high-rise buildings. Co-author of the book "Engineering equipment of high-rise buildings." Firm PPF "AK" carries out a comprehensive design of engineering systems of buildings and structures, conducts supervision over the installation of engineering systems. More than 700 projects in various cities of Russia and abroad have been created and implemented. In total, the company’s portfolio includes 25 constructed buildings above 100 m, of which 16 constructed buildings above 130 m - every fifth building constructed in Russia has the name “skyscraper” (above 130 m according to Wikipedia gradation)


    Market of industrial air conditioning. Current state and future prospects

    Litvinchuk Georgy Gennadievich, Marketing Manager, Director of Litvinchuk Marketing

    Author of more than 150 scientific, analytical and popularizing articles on climate equipment in the specialized (“ABOK”, “Climate World”, “Consumer”, “JARN”, “Professional Construction”) and central press (“KP”, “AIF”, “MK”, “Izvestia”, “Abroad”, etc.) Regular studies of regional markets of climate equipment and markets of the former USSR: Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, Central Asia and Kazakhstan. More than 20 full-scale marketing researches were carried out

    Working languages: Russian and English with simultaneous translation.

    Congress chairmen:

    Marianna Brodach vice-president ABOK,

    Michail Efremov,

  • 14.02.2019 Conference "BIM- and BEM-modelling when designing engineering systems, buildings and constructions"


    BIM- and BEM-modelling when designing engineering systems, buildings and constructions

    February 14, 2019, Conference hall 1

    Hall 15, pavilion 3, Crocus Expo

    Media Partner  "C.O.K." Magazine 


    10.00 18.00

    Target audience:

    The event is addressed to technical specialists in the field of engineering arrangement of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, to designers, representatives of construction companies, as well as to managers - representatives of organizations interested in constructing of engineering systems that are optimal in terms of efficiency and reliability at their construction sites.

    Speakers and delegates

    Leading experts on BIM and BEM-technologies, representatives of company-suppliers of software, specialized consulting companies and equipment manufacturers interested in using digital counterparts of their equipment. Representatives of design organizations with experience in implementing BIM-models, as well as representatives of installation and operating organizations, regulatory bodies, educational institutions, professional associations and other specialists in the field of engineering arrangement of buildings and structures.

    10.00 – 11.00

    Registration of delegates

    11.00 – 11.10

    Introductory speech

    Alexander Gudko, editor-in-chief of S.O.K. magazine, conference moderator

    11:30 – 11:50

    Welcome speech

    Igor Mescherin, President of the National Chamber of Engineers

    11:50 – 12:00

    BIM is a state-level engineering topic

    Elena Kolosova, Vice President of the National Chamber of Engineers, Development Director of K4 LLC

    11:40 – 12:00

    Automatic analysis of REVIT model and subsequent calculation of thermal loads - innovative opportunities of liNear software

    Julia Makarchuk, CIS Business Development Manager, liNear GmbH (Aachen, Germany)


    BIM + BEM: how to save 6 million rubles a year on the operation of the building

    Vera Burtseva, General Director of the “Bureau of Technology” Group of Companies

    About the report:

    At the design stage, is it possible to determine the costs of resources that appear during the operation of the construction site? Or evaluate the energy efficiency of the site in money? How accurate are these data and can we rely on them? Answers to these questions will be given on the example of a real case.

    About the speaker:

    Since 2013, Vera Burtseva is the head of the Committee on energy efficiency and sustainable development of the Russian Guild of Managers and Developers. Since 2014 - the head of the working group on the creation of the Russian standard for improving energy efficiency and environmental friendliness - GREEN ZOOM. She studied at the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) in the GREEN BUILDING course and passed the LEED Green Associate exam. Accredited LEED certification specialist, since 2014 - BREEAM Assessor license holder.


    Transition to BIM: what marketing managers do not say. 20 minutes on the dark side of engineering in BIM

    Alexander Vysotsky, General Director of Vysotskiy consulting

    About the report:

    In 2018, everyone talked about the “magic” advantages of BIM: acceleration of design, immediate and accurate specifications, automatic search for errors. But there were the "blood, pain and tears" of constructors behind the scenes. Alas, the first projects are longer, more difficult, and the changes affect the whole company. The speaker will talk about the difficulties that await the designer of engineering systems in the process of transition to BIM. You will understand what the best way to build the implementation process, circumvent difficulties and achieve impressive results is.

    About the speaker:

    Alexander Vysotsky teaches design and construction companies, developers and government agencies (managers and employees) to BIM technologies. He helped companies - Don-Stroy, Mosgosexpertiza, RIV GOSH, Russian subdivisions AECOM, Strabag, etc. - to switch to BIM. He created the world's largest free educational portal on Autodesk Revit In 2012 he founded LLC Vysotsky Consulting.

    Being the certified teacher and certified Autodesk Revit professional, he has the status of Autodesk Experts Elite. He is included in the club of BIM-leaders, TOP-100 Autodesk technology teachers in Russia.


    Ready service for transition of the manufacturer to "digit"

    Vitaly Konovalov, Technical Director, Alliance of Engineers and Designers

    13:10 – 13:20

    Digital technologies in the service of the world's leading manufacturers of heating equipment. The experience of Bosch Thermotechnology Company

    Tatiana Morzeva, Head of the Industrial Equipment Direction, Bosch Thermotechnika

    13:30 – 13:40

    Digital counterparts of engineering equipment. Services needed by manufacturers and project teams

    Alexander Osipov, General Director of the BIM Academy

    About the report:

    The speaker will cover the following topics: Digital counterparts - what is it? Problems for the constructor. Problems for the manufacturer of the equipment. Solutions for the problems of both sides. Description of the service. Prospects for the development of the service.

    About speaker:

    Alexander Osipov began practicing BIM technologies in 2000, and today he is one of the leading BIM specialists in Russia. He has more than 15 years’ experience in engineering and constructing, participated in the design of many objects throughout Russia. Since 1999, he has been engaged in the introduction of new technologies in the design process to companies of various profiles. AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Mechanical Desktop, Revit, Inventor, AllPlan, Structure Detailing - this is just an incomplete list of the programs used by him in the design of constructive solutions. His achievements in working with various software are confirmed by Autodesk and Microsoft Certificates.


    How can a manufacturer of equipment create ive BIM content for the domestic market

    Anastasia Chirkova, Leading Engineer of Grundfos LLC

    About the report:

    The design of engineering systems of buildings and structures in Russia is reaching a qualitatively new level, and, first of all, thanks to information modeling technologies that are acquiring legislative forms. The company Grundfos, a manufacturer of pumping equipment, also in the framework of the import substitution program, will share more than 2 years of successful experience in creating unique content of complex engineering equipment that meets the requirements of domestic customers.

    About speaker:

    Anastasia Chirkova is a leading engineer and BIM driver in the Russian representative office of the Danish concern Grundfos, which has successful experience in creation of training courses, conducting a Project Competition and technical support for designers. Since 2010, she has been promoting and developing the direction of digital technologies and resources for calculating and selecting equipment within the Company.




    BEM: testing project solutions in the field of engineering systems and architecture by using a virtual stand

    Ilya Zavaleev, Director of HPBS

    About the report:

    Digital modeling technology was borrowed from aerospace and engineering industries. There, at the R&D stage, digital modeling of complex systems is carried out before physical testing, which is very expensive, and before launching the product into serial production.

    The speaker will talk in detail about how similar modeling is conducted today in the process of construction. A concept, project or workable solution is uploaded to a virtual digital stand. On a digital stand, it is determined how the building will function, the performance of the systems and the microclimate are checked, the energy loads are identified, and solutions are optimized.
    About the speaker:

    Ilya Zavaleev has a LEED AP BD + C certificate. Education: civil engineer. He started his career at Ernst & Young (consultant for the construction of large projects in the field of commercial real estate and infrastructure).

    In 2013 - Head of the Sustainable Development Department "Skolkovo" (was responsible for the implementation of the sustainable development policy of the IC "Skolkovo" - a smart city of innovations in Russia). Since 2015 - Director of HPBS (creating a sustainable environment for people, nature and business, ecological engineering of cities and buildings). The latest HPBS achievement is a LEED v4 Platinum certificate for L’Oreal’s plant in Russia.

    15:00 – 15:10

    A new approach to BIM design. Programs from the Audytor series

    Peter Vereshchinsky, author of programs from the Audytor series, President of SANKOM Sp. z o.o., (Poland, Warsaw)

    Tatiana Voronovich, Head of CIS Market Development, SANKOM Sp. z o.o. (Belarus, Minsk)

    15:20 – 15:30

    Building life cycle: from BIM to BEM and operation

    Dmitry Klimov, Project Manager of Engineering Department, Head of HVAC Group of APEX project bureau

    Dmitry Ivanov, Head of Mathematical Modeling Group, Candidate of Technical Sciences, LEED Green Associate, ASHRAE BEMP of APEX project bureau

    About the report:

    Calculation of engineering systems of a building according to today's Russian standards does not give a complete picture of load changes depending on external conditions. Thanks to the energy model, it is possible to evaluate the decisions laid down in the project, analyze alternatives, optimize energy consumption indicators. The speakers will tell you what path the energy model of the building goes from the stages of creating and forming requirements to operation.

    About speakers:

    Dmitry Klimov directly manages the OVIK engineering team, coordinates the work on projects of the entire engineering department (HVAC, TM, EOM, VK, CC, TX), looks for ways to automate the creation of engineering sections in Revit (Dynamo, Python). He passed certification Revit MEP Certified Professional. Dmitry's area of interest also includes CFD modeling of indoor microclimate processes, thermal conductivity of building structures, wind loads, the creation of an energy model of buildings to substantiate engineering solutions, and support in certification of projects for BREEAM and LEED systems.

    15:40 – 17:30

    Round table discussion with the participation of speakers and delegates of the conferences. Discussion of revealed problems in the field of BIM- and BEM-modeling in the design of engineering systems.

    17:30 – 18:00

    Formulation of initiatives, preparation of preliminary recommendations for regulatory bodies and non-profit associations, summing up the conference.


    Alexander Gudko +7 (499) 967-77-00 (office number) # 601; +7 (910) 473-01-13 (mobile, WhatsApp, Telegram)
    Olga Yufereva, +7 (499) 967-77-00 (office number) # 611; +7 (925) 365-54-12 (mobile);

  • 14.02.2019 Conference by "Aqua-Therm" Magazine "Energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and safety of heating and water supply systems"


     “Energy Effectiveness, Environmental Sustainability and Safety of Heating and Water Supply Systems”

    February 14, 2019, Conference hall 2

    Hall 14, pavilion 3, Crocus Expo

    “Aqua-Therm” Magazine


    Organisers Reed Exhibitions и ITE


    Introductory speech
    Andrey Gromov, Deputy Chief Editor, Aqua-Therm Magazine


    Current situation in Russia for the maintenance of gas equipment – problems of security, monopolization. Standards and requirements, scenarios of the development of the situation
    Stanislav Mityushin, Co-founder, Gas Equipment Engineers Guild


    Wester, the Russian producer of membrane tanks and pressure maintenance installations. Energy efficient and safe solutions for design of engineering systems and buildings 
    Ivan Dorokhov, Head of Technical Department, Trade House “Impulse”


    Roof and local boiler houses on the basis of condensing boilers in accordance with the new regulatory requirements
    Oleg Kozlov, Regional representative, De Dietrich in the Northwest region


    Dispatching and remote control of boilers and boiler systems
    Maxim Kononenko, Technical specialist in the Northwest region, BAXI


    Energy-efficient ventilation and heating systems WOLF in cottage construction
    Konstantin Mokrousov, Technical Support Specialist, WOLF


    Energy efficient solutions for maintaining the microclimate in the pool
    Artem Goncharov, Customer Relationship Manage, WOLF


    Problems and prospects of mandatory certification of heating appliances
    Vitaly I. Sasin, General Director, Vitaterm; Member of Export Council, APROEA


    Introduction of system of remote collection of data on the water distribution network of Shymkent
    Mikhail N. Vilkov, R&B Director, Orion System (Almaty, Kazakhstan)


    Open discussion

    Contact information:

    Gromov Andrey
    Skarubo Larisa
    +7 (495)-116-03-72
    +7 (495)-116-03-94

  • 15.02.2019 Conference of the "Guild of Gas Equipment Engineers"

    Conference of the "Guild of Gas Equipment Engineers"

    February 15, 2019, Conference hall 1

    Hall 15, pavilion 3, Crocus Expo



    Public non-profit organisation "Guild of Gas Equipment Engineers" (GGEE).

    The conference is devoted to the formation of the market of operating, repairing and maintaining of gas-powered equipment in Russia, ensuring safety and quality of work, elimination of excessive requirements from the dominant market players, GRO, opportunities for the professional community to change regulations, profession standards, and interaction to reduce the risk of accidents and Emergencies in the process of the usage of gas in everyday life, as well as providing independent control as a tool to improve safety.





    The introductory speech of the representative of "Guild of Gas Equipment Engineers"


    Interaction between specialized organizations and GPO. Prevention of the use of a dominant position. Provision of independent control over the completeness and quality of work


    Public non-profit association of specialists as a tool and opportunity to influence the standards of the profession, bring the regulatory technical field to working condition in order to ensure transparency and competitiveness of the market, reduce the risk of accidents and emergencies


    Safety issues: goals and ways to achieve them, opportunities and the necessity of changing the regulatory requirements, proposals for reducing the risk of accidents and emergencies. Review of the statistics of emergencies based on open sources over 2018


    Free topics for the conference participants


    Final conclusions and results, appeal to all participants of the conference on behalf of the "Guild of Gas Equipment Engineers"


    Open discussion

    Contact information:

    Mityushin Stanislav Yuryevich, +7(499)393-393-6,


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