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    Aquatherm Moscow 2018 results:

    • 27517 unique visitors
    • 812 exhibitors from 34 countries
    • 35 types of heating, water supply and pool equipment
    • 241 new participants
    • 697 delegates of business programme
    • 6 conferences, Symposium by BDH and exhibitors' seminars in the frames of the business programme
    • Major production and trade companies within the show exposition, including: ACV, Agpipe, Agru, Apator Metra, Aquafor, Aquamaster, Aquapolis, Aquario, Alterplast, Aniplast, Armacell, Baxi, Berke Plastik, Ballu, Belimo, Bestway, Bitherm, Bosch / Buderus, BRINKO, BWT, Chemoform / Dinotec, Craft, De Dietrich, Dizayn, Duim, Ego Engineering, Emec, Erbach, Espa, EVAN, Fondital, Forte, Frisquet, FV-Plast, Genebre, General Fittings, Grando, Grünbeck, Guray Makina, Heisskraft, Herz Armaturen, Hogart, Hoheywell, Itelma, IMI International, K-Flex, Kalde, Kiturami, Kofulso, Laboratoriya Otopleniya, Markopool, Meibes, MRU, Navien, Only, Oventrop, Pahlen, Polyplastik, Procopi, Profactor, Qundis, Raifil, Rehau, Reliance Worldwide Corporation, Rems, Rifar, Rinnai, Rols Isomarket, Rosturplast, Rothenberger, Rusklimat, Russkiy Radiator, SANHA, San-House, Santechcomplekt, SFA Group, Schiedel, Siemens, SIT Group, Speck Pumpen, Syr Armaturen, Tece, Terem, Termoros, Testo, Topol-Eco, Unipump, Vaillant, VALF Rus, Valtec, Valvosanitaria Bugatti, Veza, Viega, Viesmann, VIR, Virax, Wavin Ekoplastic, Weishaupt, Wilo, Wirquinand many others


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  • Business Programme


    The exhibition actively supports the development of eco culture and use of innovative, energy efficient systems, following this strategy we are striving to set a regular based conference on energy efficiency in municipal building.

    February 8, 2017
    Conference hall 5, 4th floor
    Pavilion 3, Crocus Expo

    Supported by "Aqua-Therm" magazine

    Section 1. Energy efficiency and security of heat supply systems

    Moderator: Vitaly Sasin, General Director, Vitaterm

    The system of monitoring and control of energy consumption in cities
    Sergey Osonin, Head of Department of Civil Engineering, Atrium

    Industrial gas and dual fuel burners "Pikino" capacity to 10.5 MW
    Dmitry Lunin, Director, KLB TD

    Ways to reduce capital and operating costs when using condensing boilers De Dietrich
    Oleg Kozlov, Senior Technical Specialist, De Dietrich

    The new condensing boilers WOLF. A year of testing in Russia
    Ivan Kuznetsov, Technical Director, MTK Grupp

    Gas analyzers flue gas for solving problems of energy saving and environmental safety
    Mikhail Grigoryan, Sales Engineer, Department of Gas Analysis, Testo Rus

    Production of modern heating equipment in Russia on the example of radiators Buderus. Problems and prospects
    Alexander Scheglov, Marketing Director, Bosch Termotekhnik

    The health systems with door-to-door heat metering
    Valery Karpov, Chief  Specialist, Technical Department, Mosproject

    Official presentation in Russia, the world's first BIM library market of chimney systems. Schiedel solutions for industrial smoke removal
    Nikolay Vostrikov, Head of  "Schiedel Steel Chimneys" Department, Schiedel

    Thermal oil technology – an innovative method of industrial heating
    Vera Skorobogatova, Director of the office, Pirobloc

    Vitron water heaters – energy efficient way of heating
    Roman Paivin, Production Manager, Vitron

    Advantages of multilayer pipes in horizontal and collector heating systems
    Anton Odnovolov, Technical Director for Russia and CIS, Henco Industries

    The second generation of  the Giacomini distribution nodes with the individual record for apartment systems of heating and water supply. The principles of modernization in accordance with the experience and practice of application
    Andrey Mikhailenko, Head of Representative Office, Giacomini

    Water infrared ceiling panels "TABLEPANEL": energy-saving technology for heating and cooling high spaces
    Boris Krasnoshchek, Director of Project Management, TABLEPANEL

    The question of the reliability of the technical characteristics of heating radiators available on the market
    Vitaly Sasin, General Director, Vitaterm

    Section 2. Ecological heat

    Stiebel Eltron heat pumps. The use of renewable sources of energy
    Mikhail Sazonov, Assistant to Director-General, Stiebel Eltron

    Metrological stability of thermal energy measurement
    Konstantin Volykhin, Head of the heat metering, Danfoss

    Adaptive solutions for heat pumps or how to increase profitability by 3 times with BROSK
    Oleg Kovalev, Business Development Director, BROSK

    Eco insulation for engineering systems: creating a comfortable and safe environment
    Dmitry Abramov, Termafleks

    Rashid Ismailov, Director, NP "Center for environmental certification – Green standards"

    The new international efficiency class - IE5
    Maxim Semenov, Leading specialist, Industrial Equipment Department, Grundfos

    Smart home systems by SALUS
    Petr Kuba, Technical specialist, SALUS

    Environmental and economic aspects of using heat pump system for snow melting
    Vitaliy Leskov, General Director, INSOLAR-Energo

    Zoning of the territory of Russia for efficient use of low-grade heat of the soil, air and their combination for heating of buildings
    Marina Kolesov (Brady), Leading Engineer Ecologist, INSOLAR


    8 February  2017, Conference hall 2
    Pavilion 3, Crocus Expo

    Supported by “Sanitary equipment” magazine (by AVOK)


    Session 1

    Moderator: Marina M. Brodach, Professor at Moscow Institute of Architecture, NP AVOK Vice-President, Chief Editor of "Plumbing" magazine 

    NP AVOK - the key projects for 2017
    Yuriy A. Tabunschikov, NPAVOK President, Member of the Public Chamber of Moscow, Doctor of Engineering, Associate Member of  Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, Department Head at Moscow Institute of Architecture

    Condition and prospects of the construction industry of RF for 2016–2017
    Mikhail Kaplun, Director of CBRE, Head of Construction Management Department

    Implementation of energy conservation requirements during overhaul of residential buildings
    Nikolay V. Shilkin, Managing Editor of  "Energy Conservation" magazine, Candidate of Engineering, Professor at Moscow Institute of Architecture

    Combining water supply and internal fire water line in installations. Regulatory requirements. Specifics of implementation using SmartStation as an example
    VadimG. Fedoseyev, Head of Engineering Equipment Department of LLC "Plazma-T" - Conference Partner

    Import substitution. Improvement of the efficiency of management of a Russian company and production process
    Yuriy G. Molchanov, Director of Companies Efficiency Management Department of GC Finval

    Prospects of development of Russian production of ventilation and air-conditioning systems
    Georgiy G. Litvinchuk, independent climate control equipment market research expert in Russian and CIS countries, Director of "Litvinchuk Marketing"

    Discussion and questions for speakers

    Session 2

    Moderator - Alexander Nikolayevich Kolubkov, NP AVOK Vice-President, Director of PPF AK

    Overview of updated regulatory documents related to HVAC and water supply
    Alexander N. Kolubkov, NP AVOK Vice-President, Director of PPF AK

    New products in indoor sewer systems Uponor. Traps for indoor premises. Advantages of application. Specifics of design and installation
    Darya S. Bogomolova, Manager for Development of Infrastructure Solutions Business, JSC "Uponor Rus"

    Vibroinsulation in utility systems. Designer's caprice or client's demand?
    Vitaliy N. Rodenkov, Head of vibration insulation projects, "Acoustic Group" LLC

    Quality of indoor sewer systems design from the client's perspective. Practical examples and opinions on implementation of SMART WATER program
    Igor V. Goryunov, Head of Design Software Development Department, Group of Companies "Elita"

    Methods of optimization of costs of procurement and operation of residential buildings' heating systems
    Alexey V. Russov, Director for Development, "SANEKST. PRO" LLC

    Startup of production of cast iron no-hub sewer systems SML with complete technological process
    Vasiliy A. Dmitrienko, Technical Specialist at JSC "Krontif-center"

    Construction supervision during installation of heating, ventilation, water supply and sewer systems
    Sergey G. Nikitin, Chief Specialist of Design Supervision Service at PPF AK

    Overview of the requirements of new SP 253.1325800.2016 "UTILITY SYSTEMS OF HIGH-RISE BUILDINGS"
    Alexander N. Kolubkov, NP AVOK Vice-President, Director of PPF AK

    Discussion and questions for speakers.



    Media partner - "С.О.К."  ("Plumbing. Heating. Air-conditioning") magazine

    February 9, 2017, Conference hall 6
    Pavilion 3, floor 4

    Speakers and delegates:

    Industry experts – representatives of world leading manufacturers, representatives of project bureaus, installation and service organizations, regulatory bodies, educational institutions, professional associations, and other experts in the field of HVAC.

    "Framework of heat supply regulations – reliability creation basics"
    V. Polivanov V, General Director of NP "Russian heat"

    "The role of innovation in the development of the industry of the Russian heat"
    R. Artikov, Deputy Director General of NP "Russian heat"

    Topic is to be announced at a later date
    NOPRIZ representatives

    "Cascade solution for commercial buildings on the basis of condensing wall-hang boilers. Experience from Buderus"
    O. Abdullin, Regional Head of “Bosch Thermotechnik” support services of the company sales

    "The use of the equipment in the power stage through wall-hang boilers. Solutions examples from Vaillant Group"
    E. Muntean, Business Solutions manager, "Vaillant Group Rus" LLC

    "Multi-condensing boilers installations: Problems of gas exhaustion, non-optimal solutions of TM, cascade control."
    I. Kenig, Director of the Academy, Viessmann LLC

    "Common mistakes when designing and installing cascade wall-hang boiler systems"
    K.V. Shevchenko, Training Specialist LLC “Wolf energy-saving systems” (Wolf GmbH subsidiary)

    "Cascade boiler system"
    V. Pavlutkin, Technical manager of the Technical Department Ltd, Navien Rus"

    "Specific features of cascade systems, when using wall-hang condensing boilers for individual housing and cottages"
    Musinov Y, Chief of the De Dietrich boiler equipment, Rusklimat

    "Features of cascading systems with wall-hanged condensing boilers for commercial and industrial buildings"
    O. Kozlov, Representative in the Northwest region, De Dietrich Thermique

    "Cascade system solutions based on condensing boilers"
    T. Babenko, Technical Director of ACV RUS

    Open discussion with the audience, other speeches from specialists.

    Representatives of universities and NOPRIZ industry were invited to attend this conference.


    February 9, 2017
    Pavilion 3, floor 4, Conference hall 1

    Organisers: Federation for German Heating Industry (BDH)
    Moderation: Mr. Ralf Kiryk (BDH)


    Opening and Welcoming note
    Mr. Andreas Lücke, BDH
    Frame of references for and development of Heating systems in Europe
    Mr. Andreas Lücke, BDH
    Domestic Heating systems: Advantages of Decentralized systems
    Oksana Grushina, Bosch
    Water Treatment in Heating Systems
    Willi Dyck, Grünbeck
    Hybrid HVAC concepts: Storage - Distribution – hygiene of domestic hot water
    Bernhard Schaub, Oventrop
    High efficient pumps for HVAC systems
    Dmitry Denisenko, Wilo
    Ventilation for gas heating appliances with an output in the range of 150kW to 2 MW
    Christian Diegritz, ebm-papst
    Advantages of BIM for the Design of efficient heating and hot water systems
    Yuliya Makarchuk, liNear GmbH


    February 9, 2017
    Conference hall 6, Pavilion 3, floor 4

    Informational partners:


    Presentation of the new magazine «Waterparks and Business» and the award of winners of competition Pool of the Year
    Andrey Balog, Chief  Editor of BANBAS and Internet, portal WWW. BANBAS.RU

    Prediction of water quality, methods of monitoring and analysis
    Istvan Kohan, instructor NSPF SRO No 04*101 495

    How to avoid mistakes in finishing pool decoration
    Konstantin Shestopalov, General Director, Empire of water

    Design bowl, installation options
    Vyacheslav Zinoviev, Technical Director, CC OCEAN

    Quality Assurance of UV - equipment
    Andrey Tkachev, Technical Director, NPO LIT

    Modern methods of care for the water in the pool: reality, myths and legends
    Rasul Khapaev, Director of Chemical Agents, Astral

  • Exhibitor testimonials

    “Wilo took part in Aquatherm Moscow 2018 to present the new "smart" pumps to the Russian customers and a full range (more than 40 items) of domestic pumping equipment, including products of the Wilo plant in Russia. According to the big number of contacts that we’ve got this year, the exhibition was successful for us. We are satisfied with the qualified audience and organisational level of the show, its media promotion and advertising campaign.”
    Aleksey Bykov, Marketing Manager, Wilo Rus (Germany & Russia)

    “If you evaluate the market for the revival that reigned on Aquatherm Moscow, the market has jerked up. Stands were really inspiring by their creativity, and positive and active exhibitors. We give a special respect to the organisers for a lot of new ideas and a special project – the AirVent Congress. Let the successful start will become a guarantee of success and achievements of the most ambitious goals!”
    Mina Khachatryan, Marketing Director, Rusklimat (Russia)

    "Aquatherm Moscow is a full-fledged professional platform for the industry. Frankly speaking we were pleased not only by the number of visitors, but also the diversity, both in the context of related industries, and geographical presence. Our company, without hesitation, decided to increase its presence at the next exhibition twice."
    Yuri Yakupov, Marketing Manager, WATER TECHNOLOGY (Russia)

    “Jeremias is the Aquatherm’s regular participant. Due to the scale and significance of this event in the Russian market, we consider participation in the show as one of our priorities. Undoubtedly, this exhibition has a strong reputational influence, but at the same time it gives an opportunity to meet with partners, including professionals from the Russian regions and CIS countries, as well as to demonstrate new products and determine the vector for business development.”
    Sergey Pronin, Marketing Director, Jeremias Rus (Germany & Russia)

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