In Russia, information modeling is used at all stages of construction: from engineering and construction surveys to the operation of facilities. However, according to the PropTech report 2020, only 5-7% of companies use BIM, mainly in large cities and for large projects.

At the same time, information modeling technologies can solve a number of serious problems and questions. The approaches to their solution during a professional discussion will be considered by the conference participants - leading experts in the field of information modeling.

One of these topical problems is the so-called "office syndrome", characterized by an acute deterioration in health and associated with staying in a suboptimally designed and constructed building. BIM allows you to maximize natural light, increase air flow, provide good ventilation, and improve acoustics even before construction begins.

The second point of the BIM application (and also - BEM) is to improve energy efficiency and sustainability. Designers are already using energy modeling in their work, but this is an expensive and time-consuming process. Information modeling will allow you to estimate energy use, water consumption and CO2 emissions more accurately, and will also help identify ways to reduce waste and improve sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of a building.

The third general direction is the use of information modeling in the design of Intelligent houses.  People are more productive in smart buildings and energy is used more efficiently. However, the cost of their design stops most of the construction customers. BIM simplifies and reduces the cost of developing complex Intelligent house models, which means that more of them will be built in the future ...

These and other topics will be discussed at the third - annual - conference on information and energy modeling in construction and engineering of buildings.

Organiser: "C.O.K." magazine

Venue: Conference hall A, Pavilion 1, Crocus Expo

To attend the conference, you need to register on the website and get your personal ticket. Additional registration for the event is not required.

Conference program

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