Worldwide sales of air conditioners reached $ 103 billion


According to a recently published report of the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA), in 2018 sales of air conditioners in the world reached 141 million units of equipment, or 103 billion dollars in monetary terms.

Economic and population growth, development of urban infrastructure and high air temperature in countries such as Bangladesh, Brazil, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya and Vietnam have become the main factors contributing to the growth in demand for cooling.

An increase in the share of "smart" air conditioners, primarily in commercial access, is fixed in the BSRIA report.  Experts connect this with the development of wireless technology.

Europe is experiencing a qualitative leap in the direction of energy efficiency, the use of inverter technologies and environmentally friendly solutions. The region shows healthy growth, although its share in the structure of global sales is relatively small: only 7% in terms of equipment and almost 12% in terms of money.

Sales in Europe were spurred by hot summer, a favorable economic situation and active construction.

In the southern regions of Russia, the growth of sales of air conditioners reached 15-20% compared with the previous year. Most requests fell on the last week of June, when hot weather settled in many regions of Russia.

Among the Russian cities, Moscow was the sales leader, which accounted for 14% of all devices sold, followed by Krasnodar (8%), Rostov-on-Don (3%) and St. Petersburg (3%).

In Turkey, sales, on the contrary, “sunk”, which may be due to the cool summer and fluctuations of the national currency. Most requests fell on the last week of June, when hot weather settled in many regions of Russia.

North and South America, as the Asia-Pacific region, showed moderate growth at the level of global indicators - 3.8%. Slow growth was observed in the markets of the Middle East, India and Africa. Growth in the world's leading markets, such as China and the United States, has been rather modest.

The Asia-Pacific region accounts for up to 56% of sales of air conditioners in monetary terms. The pioneers in mastering VRF technologies - China, Japan and South Korea - remain the market leaders in this type of equipment. In China, tightening air pollution regulations forces homeowners to pay more attention to indoor air quality. According to BSRIA, this forces Chinese air conditioner manufacturers to spend more resources on research and development in order to offer more environmentally friendly solutions the end user.

Sources: Mir Klimata, Izvestia