In the heart of the industry: the results of the third show day

Yesterday the leading experts on BIM and BEM-technologies, representatives of software vendors, specialized consulting companies and equipment manufacturers, design organisations with their experience in implementing BIM-models, as well as specialists of installation and operating organizations, regulatory authorities, educational institutions and professional associations presented their reports at the conference “BIM- and BEM-modeling in the design of engineering systems, buildings and structures”.

Alexander Gudko, chief editor of the magazine “C.O.K.” emphasized that BIM-modeling was actively gaining momentum in Russia, and after a short period of time this direction would become an inalienable element of the process of the project creation.

Julia Makarchuk, business development manager in the CIS of the company liNear GmbH, spoke about the unique capabilities of an automatic analysis of building models in REVIT directly through a specially developed model API that allowed liNear to solve the countless problems arising in real projects.

Alexander Vysotsky, CEO of Vysotskiy consulting, draw special attention to the fact that despite all the advantages of BIM, the first projects were longer, more difficult, and the changes affected the entire company, so you should be ready for this.

At the Aqua-Therm conference "Energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and safety of heating and water supply systems," representatives of leading brands in the Russian market spoke about the most relevant HVAC technologies. The speakers at the conference were:

  • Andrey Gromov, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Aqua-Therm magazine

  • Stanislav Mityushin, Co-Founder of the Guild of Gas Equipment Engineers

  • Ivan Dorokhov, Head of Technical Department, Trade House “Impulse”

  • Oleg Kozlov, regional representative of De Dietrich in the North-West region

  • Maxim Kononenko, BAXI technical specialist in the North-West region

  • Konstantin Mokrousov, Technical Support Specialist, WOLF

  • Artem Goncharov, Customer Service Manager, WOLF

  • Vitaly Sasin, General Director of Vitaterm LLC, member of the APRO expert council

  • Mikhail Vilkov, R&B Director, Orion System LLP

The panel session “Climate control equipment  installers’ verification” - the third event of “APRO” - also ran yesterday within the business program of Aquatherm Moscow 2019.