The Ministry of Construction reported on the 58% deterioration of utilities in Russia

Sep 10, 2020

The Ministry of Construction will carry out a complete inventory of all utilities in order to have complete and up-to-date information about their state, as the deputy head of the department Maxim Yegorov reported. According to his words, the deterioration of networks across the country accounts to 58% with a total length of over 900,000 km.

"In our country, at least 5% of all deteriorated pipes (first of all heat and water supply pipes) should be replaced annually, but, in fact, according to statistics, only about 2% are replaced. That is, our fixed pipes are aging much faster than they are replaced. Our primary task is to resolve this issue, " Maxim Yegorov said.

"When we asked the regions for information on how much money is needed to replace the networks, we received a figure of 4 trillion rubles. In 2020, it is proposed to launch five pilot projects with a total funding of 1.5 billion rubles. This small amount is due to the fact that we want to "test" the technology first in pilot cities, and then, replicate it throughout the country, taking into account all the mistakes, "the deputy minister also said.

The decision to create a separate subprogram for the modernization of communal infrastructure, the deterioration of which exceeded 60%, was taken in 2019. The length of such deteriorated heat supply networks was estimated at 49 400 km, water supply and sewerage networks - 328 100 km.

In January 2020, the Ministry of Construction published the rules for granting subsidies for the implementation of measures for the reconstruction and modernization of housing and communal facilities with a deterioration of more than 60%. According to the document, the subsidy will be provided both for capital investments in infrastructure modernization projects and for compensation of the interest rate on a loan received for these purposes, as well as compensation for the costs of the concessionaire or in the form of a property tax benefit. In total, the Ministry of Construction proposed to allocate an additional 366.2 billion rubles from the federal budget for these purposes.

The first project within the program for the modernization of municipal infrastructure facilities with a deterioration rate of over 60% will be implemented in Orsk city, the Orenburg region.