The demand for air conditioners and fans in Moscow has increased dramatically in May 2020

Jun 09, 2020

According to the fiscal data operator Platform OFD, fan sales in Moscow increased by 98% in quantitative and 136% in monetary terms from May 1 to May 20, 2020 vs the same period last year. The average bill amounted to 1.6 thousand rubles. Sales of split systems and other types of air conditioners grew by 132% in quantitative terms and by 116% in monetary terms. The average bill in this segment amounted to 17.2 thousand rubles, which is 10% less than last year.

In Russia as a whole, the number of fan purchases increased by 16%, sales increased by 30% in monetary terms. The number of purchases of split systems and other air conditioners decreased by 3%, but in monetary terms due to an increase in the average receipt, sales increased – by 7%.

There were many weather forecasts in May about the approaching abnormal heat, which may fuel consumer interest.

The increased demand for fans and air conditioners, in addition to the capital, was recorded in Novosibirsk and the regions of Siberia, where the weather was already hot in May.

SourceΒ (Russian)