The pandemic has caused new trends in pumping equipment in Russia

21 июля, 2020

Grundfos has highlighted the main trends in the pumping market. Among them - an increase in interest in energy-efficient solutions, improvement of the intellectual capabilities of pumps, as well as an increase in demand for products for water treatment and waste water disinfection.

The pandemic and the measures taken in connection with it affected the pumping equipment market. Thus, the outflow of the population out of the city and the increase in demand for suburban housing have caused an increase in interest in energy efficient solutions. “The urban habit of everyday comfort carries over to the requirements for a private home. Pumps are a key link in the engineering system of a suburban home and at the same time one of the main consumers of electricity. Realizing this, buyers are increasingly interested in equipment with a built-in frequency converter as a way to save money and achieve a high level of comfort, ”says Roman Tsikoza, Director of Sales for the Central Region of Grundfos.

Another trend is the development of intelligent pump capabilities. “Pump control units include functions that eliminate the need for external automation. Already now, you can control the device through an application in a smartphone, and remotely control operating modes. Pumps are becoming more and more friendly to non-professional users, ”comments Roman Tsikoza.

The trend of recent months, caused by the pandemic, is the increased attention to products for water treatment and wastewater disinfection. “Along with the most common chlorination-based cleaning solutions, there is growing interest in products that use sodium hypochlorite as a disinfection reagent,” explains a company spokesman.

Source (Russian)- ABOK