Over four billion rubles are to be invested in heating systems and stations of the Altai Region in 2020

Siberian Generation Company plans to reconstruct thermal stations and networks of Barnaul, Biysk and Rubtsovsk (Russian Siberian cities). This was announced by Igor Luzanov, Deputy General Director, Director of the Altai branch of SGK.

This year the largest work will be carried out in Barnaul during the implementation of concession agreement No. 1 - as part of the transition of Barnaul to a special zone of single price and planned repairs. 53 central heating centers are being reconstructed and 32 km of heating networks will be replaced at 22 sections of trunk pipelines and 31 sections of intra-quarter pipelines, as well as at 6 sites of hot water supply networks.

Igor Luzanov emphasized that the volume of investments will not change, work will begin on time and end by September 15. Procurement procedures and the selection of contractors are proceeding as usual, and a feature of the pandemic period is that competition is increasing and promising potential contractors are appearing to revive the market.

Sourceย (Russian)