New products at Aquatherm Moscow 2020

March 24, 2020

Traditionally, Aquatherm Moscow shows a wide range of innovative equipment and efficient solutions for your business in the field of heating, water supply, engineering and plumbing systems, ventilation, air conditioning and pools.

This year, NAVIEN presented at the exhibition its Smart Wi-Fi remote control for monitoring any boiler – NAVIEN-NR-40D. A smart remote control will help you significantly save on heating by reducing gas consumption. You can set the required room temperature in the weekly programming mode using your smartphone or tablet or turn on the boiler remotely when you need it. The smart NR-40D remote control is capable of transmitting service messages, reports on changes in boiler operation parameters and errors online to the owner. Additional functions of the remote control allow not only to spend resources on heating economically, but also to monitor the safety of the facility and instantly notify of emergency situations. You can download the application for the smart remote control for both the Android platform and iOS.  

UNIPUMP also demonstrated 2 great new products. The first novelty is submersible pumps from their own factory in Russia! This is an incredible event for the domestic pump market, because the full manufacturing cycle of engines for domestic submersible pumps is extremely rare for the Russian manufacture. The first ready-made models were shown at the stand, and UNIPUMP plans to start mass manufacturing of submersible pumps in Russia from the middle of 2020. The second important novelty is a new engineering solution - TURBIPRESS M, a control unit for domestic pumps of Russian manufacture with various protections and convenient settings.

REHAU presented many novelties, including the NEA smart 2.0 automatic temperature control system with integration into the cloud services, the RE.SOURCE smart water purification system and the RE.GUARD smart water control and leak protection system. The NEA SMART 2.0 system monitors house owners’ preferences in heating mode and automatically adapts to them. The system can be controlled both from home and using a mobile application from anywhere in the world. This wireless technology allows service technicians to diagnose equipment remotely, significantly reducing the number of visits to the facility. The smart RE.SOURCE water purification system gives an opportunity to get from one mixer not only tap water, but also filtered, chilled, sparkling and hot water. RE.GUARD consists of a water control unit, water leakage sensors, a network gateway and a remote control application. System components have high corrosion resistance and durability, comply with the strict European hygienic requirements for water supply standards.

Valvosanitaria Bugatti is a brand that has been synonymous with high quality for over 70 years. Therefore, this time again, it was in the spotlight, presenting a unique ball valve that surprised everyone!

BDR Thermea Group showed the world's first hydrogen boiler. Pure hydrogen is used as fuel for a highly efficient condensing boiler, warms the central heating system of a residential building. The hydrogen boiler was developed at the BDR Thermea Group Research and Development Center in Italy (BAXI S.p.A.).