346 km of pipelines in Ulyanovsk will have been replaced with new ones by 2029

Nov 08, 2019

The largest in Russia private company operating in the field of electric power and heat supply, “T Plus” will replace 346 km of pipelines in Ulyanovsk until 2029.

The total investment for the implementation of projects by the Ulyanovsk branch of “T Plus” will amount to: 3 billion rubles for heat energy sources, 4.8 billion rubles for heating networks by 2029. As a result, 346 km of city pipelines will be replaced with new ones.

The updated heat supply scheme contains 16 zones of single heat supply organisation, which combine 69 heat supply systems, i.e. sources of district heating. 2 of 69 sources are CHP plants (combined heat and power) and 67 are district and administrative boiler houses.

“When updating the heat supply scheme, tremendous work was carried out to analyze the efficiency of local heat sources and the functioning of district heating networks in Ulyanovsk. As a result, more than 70% of the city’s heating networks have fulfilled their nominal working life, and most of the generating equipment needs to be modernized,” emphasized Pavel Rotov, technical director of the Territorial Administration for Heat Supply in Ulyanovsk, during his speech at a public meeting.