Industry insights at the Anniversary International Exhibition Aquatherm Moscow 2021

On February 2-5, the 25th Anniversary International Exhibition of Equipment for Heating, Water supply, engineering and plumbing systems, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, swimming pools, saunas and spas - Aquatherm Moscow 2021 was held in Crocus Expo.

Aquatherm Moscow has once again become a flagship platform for effective interaction between all market participants — manufacturers, suppliers, organizations for the construction, installation and design of engineering systems.

During 4 days 9693 industry representatives visited the exhibition and got acquainted with new equipment and market technologies, discussed current issues of industry development, held business negotiations, had the opportunity to find new suppliers and partners for cooperation and gain new professional knowledge.

 Manufacturers and suppliers presented their products and technologies for industrial and domestic use and helped specialists choose the best solutions in the following categories:

·       Heating

·       Water supply, sanitation, sewerage

·       Pipes, fittings, fittings

·       Instrumentation and automation systems

·       Swimming pools, saunas and spas

·       Ventilation, air conditioning and cooling

·       Tools for installation of engineering systems

·       Services for the design and installation of heating, water supply and climate control systems.

Among the participants of the exhibition were such market players as: AQUAMOTOR, Arrowhead, Hubert Marketing, KASKAD, Leo Group Pump, NANFANG PUMP INDUSTRY, Pimtas Plastik A. S., PIPEX - AURAY MANAGING S. L., Sanha, Saunaru, SECESPOL, Thermex, WATTS Industries Deutschland, AQUABOSS, Atlantic Neman, VESA, GEORG FISCHER PIPING SYSTEMS, GofraTruba, GRANDIS, GREEN CHEMICALS, Polymer Pipe Plant, LEMAX, MARKOPUL, MIR KHOMUTOV, Moscow Plant FDplast, MULTIMIRPLAST, NAVIEN RUS, PLASMA-T, SMARTEX GROUP, Terra Water Group, FRISKE RUS, CALM and others.

In addition to Russian manufacturers and suppliers, the exhibition was attended by Russian representatives of companies from the UK, Germany, Spain, China, Poland, Turkey, France, and Sweden. Among the companies that met with Russian customers at Aquatherm Moscow this year were the participants of the national pavilion, organized with the support of the German authorities.

Some foreign companies were able to demonstrate their products to the Russian market even in the current circumstances. PIPEX (Spain) participated in the exhibition remotely. At stand B4047, the hostess talked about PIPEX and its products, kindly answered all the questions of visitors and helped to contact the company's representatives via video communication. Rafael Villanueva, Regional Manager for Eastern Europe at PIPEX, shared his opinion about the participation: "We are happy to participate in the exhibition. We received quite a lot of contacts, and I saw the interest to our company from the visitors. We didn't know what to expect from participating remotely and what the result would be, but now we see that the result from participating is quite good. We are already working with the contacts we received at the exhibition. Of course, personal presence cannot be replaced by online meetings, but in general, we believe that we have received good results from the exhibition."

The company NANJING BLUE SKY FILTER (China) also participated remotely and presented H14 HEPA filters for the rigid HVAC system.

Specialists from the swimming pools, saunas, baths and spas sector were able to evaluate the latest equipment and technologies for construction, repair and equipping in the specialized section "World of Water & Spa" at the exhibition.


At the Aquatherm Moscow 2021, 113 participants - both industry leaders and new players-presented equipment and technologies in the heating, water supply, climate control, automatic systems, pipes, tools and swimming pools sectors.

At the stand of NAVIEN, one of the world's leading manufacturers of heating systems and industrial installations, the latest models of gas and electric boilers were presented. The dimensions of the NAVIEN stand were impressive. Visitors could get acquainted with new products, as well as get technical advice and information materials on the entire model range. Representatives of the company gave gifts to visitors for a photo in a corporate mask with a logo.

The company Thermex held a presentation of the most striking new products of water heating and heating equipment in 2021, equipment with Wi-Fi control, including water heaters, electric boilers, convectors, heat guns and filters. Among the company's innovations – new electric boiler Thermex Skif - managed Wi-Fi connectivity three-way valve, expansion tank and a built-in pump, water heater Thermex Lima Wi-Fi c innovative infrared heating in a classic body, and a heat gun Thermex Brick with ceramic heating elements and powers of 2, 3 and 5 kW.

The Swedish technology company Termoventiler AB, which supplies market-leading products for reliable, energy-efficient, environmentally adapted installations with a long service life, has introduced the Laddomat 21-60 thermal mixing unit (Laddomat) for a heating system with a solid fuel boiler (up to 60 kW) and a heat storage tank.

Arrowhead company, a reliable manufacturer of premium quality products for water and heating systems from the United States, presented fittings for quick installation of copper pipes, PEX, CPVC, ice-free outdoor crane and other products.

At the stand of the permanent participant of the exhibition - the company FDplast-visitors could get acquainted with a whole series of new products of pipes and fittings made of polypropylene and polyethylene for heating systems, water supply, non-pressure outdoor sewerage, as well as welding machines.

Smartex Group demonstrated its wide range of groovelock fittings and couplings with FM, UL, GOST and hygienic certificates for water supply and fire extinguishing systems, Rapidrop water sprinklers (Great Britain), Duker non-bell pipes (Germany) DN 50-300 and much more.

The Lemax company presented wall-mounted and floor-mounted gas boilers, floor-mounted non-volatile boilers, flow-through gas water heaters, high-power boilers, as well as steel panel radiators.

Also the company "DVIN" pleased visitors with the new products, presenting towel dryers made of stainless steel, size 50/50, with an original design.

The largest Russian manufacturer of equipment for air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration equipment – VESA company presented at the anniversary exhibition Aquatherm Moscow a line of AEROSMART supply and exhaust systems with the function of heat recovery and air filtration, individual thermal points of PTI "BASIS".


The participants speak about the effectiveness of the exhibition.

"We have more opportunities to convey information, to communicate with every consumer and every manager and director of companies that buy or products, so we are delighted. Since 2007, we have been participating in the Aquatherm exhibition every year, and every year our participation becomes a big leap in sales. The exhibition is a concentrated communication with our future and current partners, we are always in favour of taking part in it, " says Pavel Ustyuz, sales director of “DVIN”.

"At the exhibition there are representatives of developers, design organizations, people who work at the forefront, these are installation and service organizations, the exhibition is quite crowded, there is enough communication for everyone. We are glad that we were not afraid to take a risk and apply for participation in the exhibition," said Alexey Mironov, a representative of NAVIEN.

"This year the exhibition has acquired a special character, in the current situation, such a large number of participants and visitors impressed me," said Dmitry Solomakhin, regional representative of Atlantic Neman.

Traditionally, the Aquatherm Moscow exhibition was accompanied by a rich business program. Experts shared their forecasts on the further development of the HVAC, water supply and swimming pools market, modern trends and innovations in engineering systems and construction.

At the events of the business program of the anniversary exhibition Aquatherm Moscow, not only Russian but also foreign experts spoke – a special teleconference was organized, which connected visitors with experts from other countries in real time. Thanks to innovative technologies, foreign experts made their reports and presentations to the participants of the business program events and answered all their questions in live.

On February 2, 5 events opened the business program at once.

The III annual BIM conference "BIM and VEM, as tools for optimizing modern engineering design of buildings" was held with the support of the magazine "S. O. K.". The audience was presented with examples of advanced equipment and materials, as well as the best projects using them. The speakers spoke about the approaches to the creation of engineering systems and their subsequent operation. Among the speakers: Alexander Gudko, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine "S. O. K.", Evgeny Krinitsky, Technical Director of LLC "GC VentSoft", Maxim Khokhlov, General Director of LLC "BIMSoft", Alexander Lapygin, General Director of the company "ROSECO-STROYPROEKT".

The Seminar "Verification radiators and convectors", which was supported by the "APRO" speakers Alexander Kvashnin, Executive Director of the Association of manufacturers of radiators "APRO" and Alexander Sageev, Technical Director of "Thermal system" told about the trials of heating appliances, legislative peculiarities and legal standards verification heaters.

On the same day, the Panel session "Russian Heating Appliances Market 2021" was held with the support of APRO, which reviewed the latest trends in the heating market and forecasts for the further development of the industry. Among the speakers are industry experts: Georgy Litvinchuk, Director of Litvinchuk Marketing, Andrey Lotsmanov, First Deputy Chairman of the RSPP Committee for Technical Regulation, Standardization and Conformity Assessment, Sergey Shatirov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of APRO, Alexander Lobach, Founder of Rifar, Mikhail Stytsenko, First Deputy General Director of Progress Research Technological Institute, Alexander Kvashnin, Executive Director of the Association of Manufacturers of Heating Radiators APRO.

Also, with the support of APRO, the debate "Radiator, convector or underfloor heating?" was held, during which participants Alexander Servetnik, Deputy General Director of JSC "Firm Isotherm", Vitaly Sasin, General Director of LLC "Vitaterm", Alexander Zadeev, Technical Director of the company" Thermal Systems "and Alexander Kvashnin, Executive Director of APRO, exchanged views on water heating in Russia and abroad, energy efficiency indicators and aesthetics of this type of heating devices.

The first day of the exhibition ended with the award Ceremony of the International Industry Award Aquatherm Moscow Awards 2021, which was held with the support of the magazine "S. O. K.". The award is designed to identify products, services and projects of the heating and water supply industry that have a well-founded quality argument. This year's winners were the following companies:

- Nomination "Sales Leader", sub-nomination "Steel panel radiators" by - the company "PRADO" LLC

- Nomination "Made in Russia", sub-nomination "Steel panel radiators" - JSC "NITI" Progress»

- Nomination "Made in Russia", sub-nomination "Water supply and sanitation systems" - winner "Smartex Group" company

-Nomination "Product of the Year" - LLC "TERMEX Trading House" company

- Nomination "Energy Efficiency and Energy saving", sub-nomination "Heat Pumps" – "TERMEX ENERGY" LLC

- Nomination "Energy efficiency and energy saving", sub-nomination "HVAC Systems and equipment" - company LLC "Wolf Energy Saving Systems"

- Nomination "Best industry online store" - company "TERMEX Trading House"

- Nominated "Brand of the year" - the company "Termeks Group"

3 February was a special event for members of the ventilation market, the IV International ventilation Congress AirVent, which again allowed to discuss the most topical issues of the industry, a Key theme of the Congress AirVent-2021 was "Air preparing, air distribution and air barriers, as a measure to reduce the risk of spreading СОVID-19".

The Congress was supported by major professional associations and organizations: the Federation of European Associations for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (REHVA), the American Society of Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the European Association of the Indoor Climate Industry (EUROVENT), the Association of German Manufacturers of Heating Equipment (BDH), the Industry Association of German Manufacturers of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment (Gebäude-Klima e.V.), the Chinese Association for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (CCHVAC), Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy).

Authoritative Russian and foreign representatives of the engineering community with reports on global issues of development of engineering and practical implementation of engineering ideas was intevid to the Congress: Marianna Brodach, Vice-President of NP "AVOK", Yuri herdsmen, President of NP "ABOK", Professor, doctor of technical Sciences, Frank Hovorka, President of the Federation of European associations in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning REHVA, Jarek Kurnitski, Professor of the Tallinn technical University, Valerie Le Prince, doctor of medical Sciences, member of the AIVC COVID-19 Working Group and the ASHRAE Task Force on the Epidemic, Peter Simmonds, PhD, Researcher and member of ASHRAE, FIBPSA, Andrey Strongin, PhD, Head of the Laboratory of NIISF RAASN, Roman Mitronov, General Director of Ventart Group LLC, Andreas Luke, General Director of the Association of German Manufacturers of Heating Equipment (BHD), Dmitry Kudryavtsev, Project Manager of Trox Rus LLC, Mikhail Malygin, ISU, Clancy Engineering, Alexander Kolubkov, Vice-President of NP "AVOK", Director of PPF "AK".

Congress Organizers: NP "AVOK", Reed Exhibitions, Hyve Group.

General Information Partner of the Congress: the journal "energy Saving".

At the same time with the AirVent Congress, the conference "Swimming pool Market Today" was held with the support of the Banbas magazine and the Internet portal, the participants of which learned the opinions of industry experts and the features of Biobassins. Among the speakers: Norbert Gang, Owner of Balena GmbH, Germany, Yulia Kotelnikova, General Director of Aquaesthetics, LLC, Valery Khaziev, General Director of Interprogress, Maxim Protsenko Maxim, Technical Director of the representative office of Dinotec GmbH in Russia, Engineer, Chemical Technologist (RSTU named after him). Mendeleev, Elena Gavryushova, Head of the Representative Office of CF-Group Russia Holding, Andrey Balog, Editor-in-Chief of BANBAS magazines.

S. O. K magazine held the V Heat Pump Conference "Industrial Heat Pumps & Heat and Cold Storage Systems". During the conference, the speakers talked about heat and cold accumulators: experience in Russia, approaches to ensuring the reliability of networks, examples of practical solutions to heating and cooling problems, and much more.

On February 4, specialists could take part in the discussion of key trends in the design of engineering systems and buildings, modern technologies in the heating and water supply sector, and trends in the gas equipment market.

At the conference of Association of water companies, organized with the support of the Association "AVK" made by: Valery Matawin, Chairman of the Board of the "Association of water companies," Aset Aubakirov, Director of "Association of water companies," Nikolai Serebryakov, Technical Director of "Quantum+", Eugene Beginners, Zam. Director of production, OOO GK Spetsmash, Vyacheslav Terentyev, Director of "PC "TRIOTEKHNIKA", Pavel Popov, General designer of OOO "KTB SPRING".

Stanislav Mityushin, Chairman of the Board of the Guild of Gas Equipment Engineers, Dmitry Mastrakov, Director of Teploservice 37, Dmitry Lomykin, General Director of Gas Safety LLC, Diagnostics of VDGO, Andrey Frolov, Chairman of the non-profit Union of Homeowners ' Associations and TSN, spoke at the Conference "Guilds of Gas Equipment Engineers" with the support of "GIGO". Stavrovo: "The manager of the MKD. Safety and control of service in the MCD", Oleg Lyapin, Commercial Director of Gas Safety LLC, Pavel Samodelov, President of the NGO "Union of Chimney Sweeps", Galina Rozvadovskaya, Director of the NGO "Union of Chimney Sweeps".

The anniversary exhibition Aquatherm Moscow has prepared surprises in the business program. For the first time in the history of the exhibition, from February 2 to 4, the KAMIN SHOW project was held at stand B3019, designed to tell all about the modern fireplace: buyers, developers of cottage settlements, builders of private residential buildings, designers of engineering systems, enterprises in the field of heating and climate systems.

During the exhibition, numerous product presentations and master classes were also held at the stands of the participants.

Anniversary exhibition Aquatherm Moscow 2021 has launched a new technological and convenient mobile application Aquatherm Click. Thanks to the mobile app, visitors of the exhibition were able to:

·       choose interesting stands and events - the entire catalog, program and scheme of the exhibition are available in the app,

·       use personalized recommendations based on your profile - the app is powered by artificial intelligence,

·       scan badges and codes on the site - at the end of the day, visitors will receive a full report on their visit to the exhibition,

·       get nice souvenirs from the Organizers for your activity in the mobile app and at the exhibition.

The app is available in Russian and English for free for smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android.

To ensure safety on the site, based on the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, the Clean Result program was organized, which included a number of measures aimed at taking care of the health of participants and visitors of the exhibition: mask mode and thermal screening, access to hand antiseptics, regular ventilation of the room, social distancing and control of the number of people in the halls.

The organizers thank the state and industry associations for their support of the exhibition:

·       German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (BMWi);

·       German Exhibition Industry Association (AUMA);

·       Federation of European Associations of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineers (REHVA);

·       German Association for Swimming Pools and Wellness (BSW);

·       Association for Industrial Steel and Metal Processing (WSM);

·       German Federal Industrial Association for Housing, Energy and Environmental Technologies (BDH);

·       Export Promotion Council for Engineering and Engineering Equipment of India (EEPC India);

·       Association of Building Climate Systems (FGK), Germany;

·       China National Association of Equipment Manufacturers (CNHA);

·       Shunde City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGACC), China.