Negotiate with Russian buyers at Aquatherm Moscow in the online format!

Present you equipment online to the Russian buyers at Aquatherm Moscow LIVE on March 16-17 and enter the highly potential Russian HVACR, water supply and pool market despite all travel restrictions.

This is a real exhibition, only in LIVE mode!

This year, no matter what, you can present your equipment to thousands of buyers online at the key HVACR and water supply show in Russia, negotiate with potential clients in chats, exchange contacts, run LIVE-demonstrations of your products and your own master classes.

All you need is any device with regular Internet access! The exhibition in online mode will run only within March 16-17, 2021!

Only international companies may become exhibitors of Aquatherm Moscow LIVE so you don't have to compete with the local companies and you will get the full visitors' attention.

Our LIVE digital show will help you, being anywhere in the world in a safe and convenient environment, meet your targets:

  • expand your brand into new markets
  • get new leads
  • introduce product novelties
  • drive your sales
  • increase profit
  • assess your competitors and their offers
  • find anti-crisis business solutions
  • get consultation from experts
  • learn about further industry development

We saved all values, that you had at onsite exhibition, in our LIVE show on the online platform. 

Getting new clients and partners

That's how it is at the onsite show

Your stand is the face of your company, where you tell visitors about your equipment characteristics and advantages and provide the opportunity to test certain products right at the venue.

Potential clients and partners look through the exhibitor directory, find your company at the venue, explore your products and discuss the possibility of concluding contracts with you.

Our advertising and partnership opportunities always help you to get the maximum attention of your target audience at the venue.

That's how it runs at Aquatherm Moscow LIVE

Aquatherm Moscow LIVE visitors start their acquaintance with you by exploring your company profile.

You can write ALL THE IMPORTANT information about your company and equipment in the company’s profile: upload product photos, descriptions, videos, ad materials and place your contacts.

Attending Aquatherm Moscow LIVE is free, which means that your potential clients from anywhere in the world can easily attend the exhibition. Your target audience will quickly find you among all Aquatherm Moscow LIVE exhibitors thanks to convenient filters in the exhibitor directory. You may also use a wide spread of additional advertising options to get the maximum coverage of visitors.

Negotiations with the show visitors and statisctics on your audience

That's how it is at the onsite show

You negotiate with target audience, provide consultations, exchange contacts and make special offers at your stand.

Your stand staff show product catalogues, make calculations for different projects of visitors and discuss transportation issues.

You discuss with your colleagues the results of each show day in the evening: estimate the number of your stand visitors and the volume of concluded contracts, calculate the proceeds.

That's how it runs at Aquatherm Moscow LIVE

Potential clients and partners can start communicating with you and exchanging contacts in convenient personal chats.

You have the opportunity to download the entire chat in one click and save all received data.

At the end of each day, you will have access to detailed statistics on your stand visitors (their number, interests, specialisation and geography).

Your presentations and master classes at the show

That's how it is at the onsite show

You always delight your visitors with interesting workshops and presentations at your stand, hold contests, invite experts and communicate with your audience.

Absolutely any specialist of the heating, water supply, ventilation, air conditioning, pool industry - a beginner, a specialist with many years of experience, owner or head of trade, installation or construction company - can find something interesting  at your stand.

That's how it runs at Aquatherm Moscow LIVE

We have organised convenient LIVE streaming for your target audience, where you can present products and run master classes for 15 minutes. The Organisers will provide you with an interpreter for free to let Russian buyers understand what you are talking about.

In these communities, you also have the opportunity to interact with visitors and answer their questions during your presentation.

Please note that this is not a saved recording of a master class or presentation, but the live streaming! 

Professional program of conferences and congresses

That's how it is at the onsite show

Aquatherm Moscow always introduces new techniques, trends and expert opinions to different market players during program events at the venue.

Recognized industry experts, experienced specialists in their field share their professional secrets and you have the opportunity to get answers to your questions from the speakers of the events.

That's how it runs at Aquatherm Moscow LIVE

Aquatherm Moscow LIVE exhibitors and visitors can learn about the latest novelties and further industry development free of charge at online conferences and master classes.

You can join online conferences from the Russian associations and experts and get the full overview of HVACR and water supply market in Russia, learn experts' forecasts, ask your questions and assess the correlation of demand and supply on the Russian market.