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Aquatherm Moscow 2018 Business Programme

  • 6.02.2018 Conference "Pools Today"

    The conference spotlights the review of the pools and spa industry, new technologies, materials used in building and decoration.


    February 6, 2018
    Conference hall 5, Pavilion 3, floor 4

    Informational partners:

  • 6.02.2018 Conference Heat pumps. Promotion and implementation in Russia and worldwide

    4th specialised scientific and practical conference on heat pumps "Heat pumps. Promotion and implementation in Russia and worldwide"

    Media partner - "С.О.К."  ("Plumbing. Heating. Air-conditioning") magazine

    February 6, 2017
    10:30–18:00, Conference hall 1
    Pavilion 3, floor 4

    Welcoming note

    Alexander Gudko, Chief Editor, С.О.К. magazine
    Alexander Govorin, Research associate, Federal State Autonomous Institution “Research Institute “Centre of Industrial Ecological Policy””

    Heat pumps worldwide
    Vladimir Sidorovich, Director, Institute of energy-efficient technologies in construction

    Representative, Ministry of Energy of Moscow region

    Representative, State Duma Committee on Energy

    Representative, Cross-regional association of economical interaction “Central Federal District”

    Prospects of the heat pumps application in the small towns of Russia
    Sergey Mayorov, Head of Division for elaboration of strategical planning documents, Department of Strategical Development and Innovations, Ministry of Economic Development

    Financial tools of modernization of municipal heating systems
    Ekaterina Malitskaya, Senior Analyst, Investment Company “VEB Finance”

    Legal aspects of the Russian heat pumps market operation
    Elena Popova, Founder and Co-Manager, International Law Boutique, Practician

    Heat pumps working for the Russia’s economic development. Experience of practical use of heat pumps in the special economic zone with technical-implementation type (Novoorlovskaya cluster, St. Petersburg)
    Sergey Mikhaylov, General Director, DOMAP LLC (Russia) and DOMAP Oy (Finland)

    Application of heat pumps for life quality improvement in private houses
    Evgeny Elizarov, Fitosila

    The need of support from the government and scientific society in the sphere of introduction of heat pumps for energy supply in the different economical branches
    Igor Moskalenko, General Director, Corsa LLC

    Mikhail Chugunov, Specialist on innovative products, Vaillant Group Rus

    Heat pumps for hot water supply. Experience of application in Russia and premises for the widespread use
    Oleg Kozlov, Technical specialist in the North-West region of Russia, De Dietrich

    Nina Gorshkova, Head of “Heat pumps branch”, Danfoss

    Heat pumps in Russia – prospects of NON-development
    Alexey Golovkin, General Director, “Kvadrat” – The leading technologies for heating and cooling of buildings

    Application of membrane heat exchangers in the heat pump heating systems
    Evgeniya Tutunina, Chief Specialist, Engineering company “Atomstroyexport”; P.G., Federal Scientific Agro-Engineering Center VIM

    Nikolay Ditin, Director, TEPLO-HEAT

    Experience of application of heat pumps in municipal energy-supply systems of the Leningrad region
    Alexander Fyodorov, Technical Director, TMEnergy

    Alexey Komarov, EVAN

    Increasing the effectiveness of heat pump application in the combined scheme of autonomous heating and cooling supply system
    Sergey Tikhomirov, Head of “Heat and Gas supply and Ventilation Department”, Don State Technical University

    Use of the “air–water” heat pumps systems working in Russia on bivalent scheme
    Anna Iskhakova, employee, National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"

    Multifunctional energy system “Boiler – absorbing heat transformer”
    Evgeny Shadek, PhD in Engineering Science, employee, Unified Institute of High Temperature of the Russian Academy of Sciences

    Low-temperature heat sources in the city without drilling: sewage drains and industrial emissions. Practical experience in the projects’ realization
    Olag Kovalev, Development Director, BROSK LLC

    Heat pump application for production of heat from the city sewage network
    Mukhammet Razatov, employee, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (National Research University)

    Effectiveness of the geothermal system of heating in residential building
    Daniil Timofeyev, P.G., Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (National Research University)

    Heat pump in energy-efficient house. Prospects and experience of application
    Alexander Govorin, Research associate, Federal State Autonomous Institution “Research Institute “Centre of Industrial Ecological Policy””

  • 7.02.2018 Conference "State-of-Art Engineering Building Systems"


    State-of-Art Engineering Building Systems

    7 February  2018, Conference hall 2
    Pavilion 3, Crocus Expo

    Supported by AVOK



    • М. Brodach, Vice-President, NP “AVOK”, Head of Department, Moscow Architecture Institute
    • А. Kolubkov, Vice-President, NP “AVOK”; Expert, Mosexpert LLC; Director, Design and Production Company “AK”
    • Е. Kiryukhantsev, Professor, Academy of the State Fire-Fighting Service, Russian Ministry of Emergencies

    Opening report: AVOK in the Russia’s standardization system
    Y. Tabunschikov, President, NP “AVOK”

    Session 1. Water supply and disposal systems. Fire-protection water supply

    1) Overview of the changes and new terms in the regulative documents in the sphere of automotive fire-fighting
    Е. Kiryukhantsev, Professor, Academy of the State Fire-Fighting Service, Russian Ministry of Emergencies

    • New Set of Rules “Buildings and high-rise complexes. Requirements to fire safety” in the part of the section “Requirements to engineering systems and fire-protection systems”
    • Set of Rules 10.13130 “Fire-protection systems. Inner fire-protection water pipeline. Requirements to fire safety” in the part of inner fire protection water pipeline design
    • Set of Rules 241.1311500 “Fire-protection systems. Automotive water fire-fighting installations for the high-rise shelving warehouses. Norms and rules for design” in the part of inner water pipeline and automotive fire-fighting systems design
    • Set of Rules 5.13130 “Fire-protection systems. Automotive fire-alarm and fire-fighting systems. Norms and rules for design” in the part of automotive fire-fighting and fire-alarm systems for buildings and construction objects

    2) Modular pump systems “SmartStation” for household drinking water supply with an opportunity to combine with inner fire-protection water pipeline. Overview and features
    V. Fedoseyev, Manager of Technological Equipment Department, Plazma-T LLC, the Conference Partner

    • Block-modular pump units SmartStation for cold water supply
    • Inner water pipeline pump units: issues in exploitation
    • Inner water pipeline pump units: solutions to issues in exploitation
    • Features of installations and management. Regulatory compliance
    • Selection of block-modular pump unit “Sprout-NS” with the help of “Configurator” programme

    3) Grundfos equipment in water supply and water fire-fighting systems
    M. Semyonov, Head of Product Management Division, Department of Industrial and Domestic Equipment, Grundfos LLC

    • Hydro MX pumping units for fire-fighting systems
    • Control MX centers of the fire-protection pump units’ regulation
    • Pump units for rising the pressure
    • Pumps and units’ regulation modes
    • Features of application of frequency inverters in pump equipment

    4) NS-NORD pump stations produced by “Severnaya Companiya” is an effective solution for water supply, industrial circulation systems, fire-protection units, sprinkler and irrigation systems
    A. Korsukov, Leading technical specialist, Aviton LLC

    • Key advantages of NS-NORD pump stations
    • Technical specification
    • Examples of application

    5) Systems of water treatment for ice arenas and pools
    M. Petrov, Director of Engineering Department, BWT

    Session 2. Technologies and equipment for providing the required parameters of the sports facilities’ microclimate

    1) Regulation base
    А. Kolubkov, Vice-President, NP “AVOK”; Director, Design and Production Company “AK”
    2) Calculations and design of private pools and water parks. Examples of the realization of objects in different climatic zones
    V. Vorontsov, Deputy General Director on Development and the Menegra Equipment Sales, Systemair

    • Calculations of water evaporation and the required amount of air for assimilation of moisture
    • Schemes for distributing and extracting air from the pool area, the air distribution features at the big glazing
    • Air treatment processes and determination of the amount of fresh air in different periods of the year
    • Decrease in input capacities and operating costs due to heating of fresh air with heat from exhaust air with efficiency up to 95%, as well as smart air handling with the module of the I-D diagram

    3) Energy-efficient solutions for climate control in a pool
    A. Goncharov, Client Relationship Manager, Wolf Energy-saving Systems

    • Proper selection of air features and supply and exhaust equipment
    • Technical solutions for air treatment
    • Operating costs for the ventilation system maintaining
    • The Wolf Pool series – special installations for creating and maintaining optimal microclimate

    4) Uponor engineering equipment for sports objects
    F. Romanyuk, Engineer, Product Management and Design Department, Uponor Rus

    • The Uponor systems’ application at sports facilities of the Russian Federation
    • Football fields heating
    • Systems of surface heating for pools and water parks
    • Automation and prefabricated units
    • BIM support

    5) Highly-efficient heating solutions in comparison with existing low-productive systems available in the Russian market
    Santiago Villaescusa, Technical Director, Rointe
    Jorge Alvarez, Trade representative, Rointe Russia

    • What features influence residential heating technologies
    • Do the current heating systems match these features
    • What do new and highly-technological systems of electrical heating offer in comparison with conventional heating

    6) Zehnder ceiling-panel systems. Solutions for sports facilities
    O. Tretyakova, Head of Department “Ceiling-panel heating and cooling”, Russian Representative office, Zehnder Group Deutschland GmbH

    • experience of application of the Zehnder water ceiling-panel heating and cooling in Russia and worldwide
    • 3 important aspects of creation of climate in a sports facility: energy-saving, comfort and safety
    • Standard solutions of application of the Zehnder ceiling-panel heating and cooling systems for different types of sports facilities:
          - multifunctional sports centres;
          - football arenas;
          - swimming pools;
          - ice arenas;
          - spa and fitness centres;
          - school gyms.

    7) Effective climate control of swimming pools
    E. Ushanov, Engineer, Turkov LLC

    • Climatic characteristics in pools accord to the State industry standard 7730-2009
    • Ensuring an equilibrium and stable state of the heating and humidification mode in the swimming pools
    • The “Notos” principle of operation and advantages of installation
    • Constructive features of the unit

    8) DST Seibu Giken – an energy-efficient solution for ventilation and dehumidifying systems of ice arenas
    N. Kniga, Technical Director, DST RUS LLC

    • Reduction of initial costs and operation costs of ice arenas due to use of innovative technologies
    • Standard hot water dehumidifiers incl. operating on waste water from the refrigeration machine 1,000 m3 / h -12,000 m3 / h
    • Standard dehumidifiers supplemented by cooling and heating sections using hot water and glycol from the chiller
    • Ventilation units with two rotors (thermal and drying) not requiring cooler, and with regeneration based on hot water with capacity 4000 m3/h–50000m3/h
    • Ventilation systems with an integrated refrigeration machine and using alternative heat sources (gas, steam, electricity with hot water)
    • Energy-efficient automation DST – fresh air supply regulation for CO, CO2, smooth humidity adjustment by dew point with ice surface sensor

    9) Domestic certification system – RUSO, a tool for increasing energy and environmental efficiency of sports objects
    D. Kapko, Chairman of the Board, “Green Construction” Committee, NP “AVOK”

    10) Water supply, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems construction control
    S. Nikitin, Chief specialist, Author's Supervision Service, Design and Production Company “AK”

  • 7.02.2018 Conference "Heating and Water Supply: Energy-Efficiency, Comfort and Safety"

    10:00 - 18:00
    February 7, 2018
    Conference hall 5, 4th floor
    Pavilion 3, Crocus Expo

    Supported by "Aqua-Therm" magazine

    Overview report: PPR pipes and fittings by Rosturplast
    Sergey Kazakov, Rosturplast

    The flue gas analyzers application to increase energy efficiency of boilers and burners in heating systems
    Mikhail Grigoryan, Engineer of Gas Analysis sales, Testo Rus

    Reliability of the characteristics of heating appliances in the Russian market
    Vitaly Sasin, Vitaterm

    Jaga as climate designers: less materials – more energy
    Jan Kriekels, Owner and Creative Director, Jaga

    Termostyle electric boilers
    Alexey Matveyev, Head of the Technical Education Department, Termoros Group of Companies

    The Danfoss new products in 2017
    Anton Belov, Deputy Head of Heating Automatics Department, Danfoss

    Modern thermal insulation made of expanded polyethylene. Technical specifications. Installation features
    Andrey Tselikov, Technical Department Specialist, Energoflex

    Ways to optimize heating systems projects. Examples of successful technical solutions with the HENCO novelties
    Anton Odnovolov, Technical Director, Henco in Russia and CIS

    Ways to increase the energy efficiency of boiler houses using De Dietrich condensing boilers
    Oleg Kozlov, Technical specialist in the North-West region of Russia, De Dietrich

    Dispatching and control of BAXI boilers via Internet. The BAXI solutions offered in the Russian market
    Alexander Stepanenko, Head of Condensing Equipment Department, BAXI

    Uponor engineering systems. Novelties
    Sergey Kuzmin, Key Customer Relationship Manager, Uponor

    Increasing the efficiency of heating systerms for all building types: from municipal objects to private houses
    M. Korshunov, Head of Technical Service, Engineering Systems Automation Department, Honeywell

    NAVIEN cascade system: иinnovative solutions
    Vyacheslav Kashurin, Object Deliveries Development Manager, Navien Rus

  • 7.02.2018 The BDH Symposium "Efficient Heating Systems: Developments and Prospects"

    Efficient Heating Systems: Developments and Prospects

    February 7, 2018
    Pavilion 3, floor 4
    Organiser: Federation of German Heating Industry (BDH) and Federation Pool and Wellness (BSW)

    Moderation: Mr. Ralf Kiryk (BDH)


    • Opening and Welcoming note
      Mr. Ralf Kiryk, BDH
    • Frame of references and development of Heating systems in Europe
      Mr. Andreas Lücke, BDH
    • Heating and Domestic Hot Water with Renewables
      Mr. Sergey Solovjev, Viessmann
    • Embedded Heating and Cooling Systems
      Mr. Sergej Bulkin, Rehau
    • Professional approach to the engineering systems sales
      Alexey Sulimov, Vaillant
    • Modern energy efficient systems for private houses
      Mr. Denis Shevchenko, Oventrop
    • High efficient pumps for HVAC systems
      Mr Konstantin Shinkaruk, Wilo
  • 08.02.2018 Conference "Gas Wall Mounted Boiler Technology Product Release Conference"

    Conference "Gas Wall Mounted Boiler Technology Product Release Conference"

    10:30 - 13:40

    February  8, 2018
    Conference hall 1
    4 floor, Pavilion 3, Crocus Expo

    Organisers: China National Hardware Association (CNHA) & Shunde Gas Appliances Chamber of Commerce (SGACC)


    10:15 - 10:30 - Delegate registration

    • Development of China Gas Appliances Industry Chain
      Mr. Liu Runfeng, China National Hardware Association
    • Intelligent High Efficiency Condensing Gas Wall Mounted Boiler
      Mr. Zheng Xiangyi, Guangdong Vanward New Electric Co., Ltd.
    • New Hydraulic System for Gas Wall Mounted Boiler
      Mr. Yan Xiaoqin, Guangdong Horisun Metals Manufacturing CO., LTD.
    • DC frequency Conversion Fan Introduction
      Mr. Yang Jinke, Foshan Shunde XieChuang Motor Manufaction Co., Ltd.
    • Frequency Conversion Water Pump for Gas Wall Mounted Boiler
      Mr. Lin Bin, Guangzhou AWMT Co., Ltd. 
    • Controlling system of Pre-mixed Condensing Gas Wall Mounted Boiler
      Ms. Liao Caihua, GUANGDONG MEZIC TECH CO., LTD. 
    • Advantage of Cross Channel Type Semi-ring Water Flow
      Mr. Li Yiyi, Zhejiang Chunhui Intelligent Control Co., Ltd.
    • Ultra Low NOx Release High Efficiency Heat Exchange System for Pre-mixed Condensing Gas Wall Mounted Boiler     
      Ms. Liang Xuefang, Zhongshan City Guangling New Electrical Co.,Ltd 


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